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Litigation Forensics Board (LFB)

The LFB has the responsibility of evaluating the content of NACVA’s litigation and forensics-related curriculum to provide assurance that course content remains objective, technically and fundamentally sound, and presents information in a proper perspective giving consideration to course objectives, credentialing requirements, time limitations, and other relevant factors necessary to the creation and development of a well-rounded and substantive training program. The LFB’s responsibilities are further expanded to oversee credentialing criteria, both pre- and post-requisite, for NACVA’s Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF) designation. This includes testing and grading procedures, Experience Requirement, reciprocity and recognition programs, quality and/or peer review, and recertification. The LFB is responsible to commission articles articles for publication in the National Litigation Consultants’ Review, the oldest periodical specifically published for consulting and testifying financial experts. The member may write the article or provide an article written by another competent author. The article should be written on a subject of interest to a litigation practitioner.
Litigation Forensics Board
2018 Litigation Forensics Board