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Ultimate Membership

Ultimate Membership


Save Big $$$ and See Your Practice Thrive with—Ultimate Membership 
NACVA’s All-Inclusive—One Monthly Fee—“Ultimate Membership” 

Effective May 1, 2016, NACVA Members have available to them a new membership level where, for a flat monthly fee, receive everything we offer with zero added or hidden costs.  This fee includes membership dues, recertification fees, Annual Conference registration, all the webinars and live training you want to take, all of our data and software packages, and much, much more.  We call it our “Ultimate Membership” and it is exclusively available to CVAs, MAFFs, and ABARs.  It is the ultimate valuation industry “buffet;” all-you-can-eat for one low price.  You can subscribe individually to, or a combination of, training, data, or software.
Why Should I Sign Up?
  1. Most importantly, you will give yourself an uninhibited path to building and maintaining a thriving practice because additional or unplanned costs will no longer be an issue or hurdle.
  2. You will have access to every single tool and data source needed to support a successful business valuation and financial forensics practice.
  3. You can precisely budget your annual CPE expense and can obtain 100% of your CPE from us.
What is Included?
  • Ultimate Training and Membership subscription (for first user) is only $335 per month, and includes:
    Complimentary registration to all live training offered by NACVA/CTI
    Complimentary registration to our annual and specialty conferences
    Complimentary registration to all of our hundreds of live webinars
    BVTC Recorded Training Videos On-Demand
    Unlimited access to our CPE On-Demand library
    Surgent CPE: NASBA qualified self-study courses to meet the needs of every CPA, tax practitioner, and financial professional. Select courses are available 24/7 in a variety of fields of study covering ethics, accounting, auditing, and taxes.
    Complimentary self-study materials, electronic format.  If requested, a nominal printing cost and shipping fee will be charged for hard copies
    Paid recertification fees
    Paid CPE anywhere we charge separately for CPE, or for a CPE exam, i.e., The Value Examiner®, QuickRead®, etc.
    Paid membership dues 
  • Ultimate KeyValueData® Titanium subscription (for first user) is only $250 per month, and includes:
    ValuSource Market Comps (formerly IBA Market Data)
    BIZCOMPS® (10 downloads)
    Guideline Public Company Database
    RMA Annual Statement Studies® Valuation Edition (including 10 years of data)
    Duff & Phelps Cost of Capital Navigator Pro
    Pluris DLOM Database
    Mergerstat Review Premiums and Discounts
    Mergerstat Review Price to Earnings Ratios
    IRS Corporate Ratios Database
    Around the Valuation World® (monthly webcast)
    National Economic Reports (monthly and quarterly)
    Valuation Reports Library
    Archived Industry and Metro Reports (1,100+ reports)
    Business Valuation Articles Library (7,400+ articles)
    Federal and State Law Valuation Cases (2,200+ cases)
    NACVA Conference Presentations (700+ presentations)
    Compensation Data
    S-1 Filings (68,000+ filings)
    Expert Witness Profiler
  • Ultimate Software subscription (for first user) is only $90 per month, and includes:
    Business Valuation Manager Pro
    ValuSource Pro International
    Express Business Valuation
    Business Valuation Report Writer
    Damages Advocate * (Damages Advocate includes: Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, and Employment Law calculation software. There is an additional $35 per month fee, but is included in Ultimate Triple Play pricing–see below.)
Is Multi-User Pricing Available?
Yes, you can sign up others in your office at the same physical location to take advantage of this benefit. 
  • Training, membership dues, recertification fees, and all your CPE is $335 per month for the first user; $315 for a second user; and $295 for each person thereafter in a multi-user subscription.§
  • Software, excluding Damages Advocate, is $90 per month for the first user, and $63 for each user thereafter.  * To include Damages Advocate, add $35 per month for each user.
  • A Titanium subscription to KeyValueData is $250 per month for the first user; $400 per month for a multi-user subscription. Duff & Phelps Cost of Capital Navigator Pro is included for the first two users. Add $299 per year for each additional user.
What if I Want to Subscribe to All Three Ultimates—Training, Data, and Software?
We call that the Ultimate Triple Play, and yes, you can subscribe to all three to save even more money.  It is $625 per month for the first user.  The next person in your office, if you want a multi-user plan, is an additional $475 per month; any partners or staff you wish to include beyond that are $325 per month each (non-NACVA staff will be given Practitioner Member status) plus a one-time $299 fee for the Duff & Phelps Cost of Capital Navigator Pro (included for first two users).  Thus, for an office with five CVAs (it could be one CVA and four partners/staff who want to receive this program), the monthly cost would be $2,075 ($625 + $475 + $325 + $325 + $325), which would cover all your software, data, and CPE training needs for your entire office.  Duff & Phelps Cost of Capital Navigator Pro is included for the first two users. Add $299 per year for each additional user. Plus, for each person, it includes NACVA membership and recertification fees for the year you subscribe.
Just How Much Can I Save?

Total Estimated Value for All Three Subscriptions: $12,000–$15,000
Total Cost for All Three for First User: $7,500
Total Savings: potentially up to $7,500 (or 50%) 

  Value calculation assumptions to reach $15,000: Use software, data, and attend the Annual Conference and Current Update in Valuations course, attend at least one week of live training at another venue, attend two webinars per month, access self-study materials, and take 12 CPE exams offered through our publications (i.e., The Value Examiner and QuickRead).
Essentially, you will have no additional costs to your monthly fee in order to receive everything we have to offer.  The databases alone, if purchased ala carte from us or from a competitor, would cost you easily $7,000 per year.  Add to that all of our valuation software, and attendance to all of our training (live and webinar), the value you get from any or all of the options—training, data, software—with Ultimate Membership is easily two times its cost depending on how much you take advantage of what we at NACVA, CTI, KeyValueData, and ValuSource have to offer.
Can I Save Even More if I Pay the Entire Year Up Front?
Yes, we will take 10% off the price if you pay the full year up front.

All subscription options require a one-year commitment. Subscriptions automatically renew annually unless NACVA is notified in writing 30 days prior to the end of the one-year commitment.
What Do I Do Next?
NACVA’s Ultimate Membership is the best value ever offered in business valuation, financial litigation, or the accounting and related industries.  It is unprecedented, but most importantly, it gives our members a smart and comprehensive support infrastructure for building your practice and team, receiving the highest quality training and products our industry has to offer.
To sign up for any one subscription, or the Ultimate Triple Play Membership, or if you have any questions, contact NACVA’s Member/Client Services department at (800) 677-2009. 
Thank you,
Parnell Black  
Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA
Chief Executive Officer

Cancelations for live training events must be received seven days prior to the first day of the event.  Cancelations received after seven days are subject to a "no-show" fee of $150.
‡ Exclusions/Qualifiers: 1) This offer does not cover books; 2) Certification exam fees are not included; 3) Unlimited BIZCOMPS is an additional $345 per year for a single user, unlimited multi-user is more; and 4) First Research and BizMiner industry reports obtained through your Titanium subscription to KeyValueData require an additional charge.  

§First additional user is the higher price. The second+ additional user monthly rates are: $295 for 2–7 users, $280 for 8–14 users, and $265 for 15+ users.