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Accredited in Business Appraisal Review (ABAR)

Accredited in Business Appraisal Review™ (ABAR™)*

The ABAR designation is the valuation profession’s most revered credential certifying competence in the review of business appraisal reports. As such, the ABAR credential is specially designed for business valuators whose work involves the review of valuation reports and analysis performed by others—a select group that includes managers, expert witnesses, attorneys, coaches, mentors, trainers, and government appraisers. An important added benefit of the ABAR credential is that preparing for and maintaining the designation helps appraisers significantly improve their own report-writing skills.

A candidate for the ABAR designation must:

  • Be a Practitioner member of NACVA in good standing;
  • Possess a four-year college degree or the equivalent;
  • Hold a professional valuation designation awarded by one or more recognized professional associations, including, but not limited to: AICPA, ASA, CFA Institute, CICBV, IBA, or NACVA;
  • Successfully complete NACVA’s Accredited in Business Appraisal Review (ABAR) Workshop;
  • Submit four satisfactory professional references;
  • Pass a comprehensive, multiple-choice, proctored exam; and
  • Prepare and successfully complete one business appraisal review report administered on the day following the training

* Currently, the Association is not taking applications for the ABAR credential as the program is being re-evaluated for possible redesign.