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Get Involved

25 years ago NACVA’s founders realized that supporting an industry was bigger than they were and the best way to rise above the challenges was to find and facilitate ways for members to help each other.
NACVA’s founders’ realization and their commitment to member involvement have enabled it to distinguish itself from other associations. The member involvement commitment led to the creation of Boards, Committees, Teams, Task Forces, and Support Groups which all actively contribute to the benefit and wealth of our membership base.  It is from these groups, and the many hundreds of people that support them, that most of the ideas have come to make NACVA a model association for others to strive to replicate.    
Member involvement in NACVA is a way for members to build their reputations and credibility.  An often unexpected benefit of member involvement are the relationships that are formed, be that friends, mentors, respected acquaintances, and even fostering business partnerships.