The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts supports the users of business valuation and financial litigation services, including damages determinations of all kinds, by training and certifying financial professionals in these disciplines.

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Establish your authority in matters of value! Bolster your reputation with your clients. Enhance your credibility within the business community. Demonstrate competency to the courts that you can articulate business value.

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CTI’s Professional Education is framed from real-world application with judicial, legislative, and financial regulatory precedence, and delivers ready-to-use tools and techniques to take your career and practice to the next level.

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Our Association has over 7,000 members and certificants specializing in Business Valuation, Financial Litigation, Forensic Accounting, and many more. Visit our Online Directory to find NACVA Members and Certificants.

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The Value of Accreditation
Association News

As you all know, last year, NACVA accredited its CVA credential with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and almost 15 years ago, it was accredited with the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) (a division of the Institute of Credentialing Excellence). Obtaining both accreditations is a feat only four credentials in the world can claim, and it makes our CVA particularly special and unique within the valuation and financial forensics industry. If you are not proudly noting this accolade everywhere you mention your CVA, you should because it sets you apart from all non-NACVA credential holders, and anyone that is familiar with ANSI and NCCA will instantly recognize that you hold a credential of eminent stature. If they do not know who ANSI or NCCA is, you need to enlighten them by saying something to the effect: “ANSI and NCCA are the only two organizations worldwide (that I am aware of) that accredit credentials by requiring strict adherence to rigorous standards that go to the character and quality of that credential, and regulate over the administering organization’s program and processes, which insure consistency, objectivity, and security, validated through regular psychometric analysis.”

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