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The Truth, The Whole Truth—Storytelling and Persuasion

Co-Sponsored by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts® 

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Powerful Expert Testimony Using Proven Storytelling Techniques

As every trial lawyer knows, the best story wins. Stories are the ultimate tools of persuasion. They are the emotional glue that connects you, the expert witness, to the jury. You may be the most skilled, the most educated, and the most respected expert in your discipline, but in the courtroom, this is not enough. To be persuasive you need to frame your direct testimony into a compelling narrative, so that jurors do not just listen...they care…and they embrace your opinions.

An unfortunate reality is that expert witnesses are often very factual, speak tech talk, and deliver testimony without much flavor. For the expert testimony to be effective, it must be part of a compelling story.

How You Will Benefit

After completing this bootcamp, attendees will be able to:

  • Utilize techniques to weave the three universal laws of powerful storytelling— conflict, struggle, resolution—into your communications with the jury
  • Integrate “left and right brain strategies” to maximize your connection to the jury and maximize your overall effectiveness in litigation
  • Demonstrate the communication approaches and dynamics that facilitate credible expert testimony
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in an expert’s analysis and opinions
  • Interpret direct examination testimony to highlight the strengths and insulate the weaknesses of the expert’s opinions
  • Specify testimony approaches to facilitate complex financial, technical, scientific, and other concepts in terms that are compelling, persuasive, and understandable by the judge and jury

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What You Will Cover
Day 1: Telling the Winning Story—Eight Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communications
Day 2: The Courtroom—Cross and Direct: Storytelling in Action
Who Should Attend

Professionals in all disciplines who serve as or plan to serve as expert witnesses. Financial experts, doctors, attorneys, insurance professionals, real estate brokers, valuation and appraisal experts, accountants, engineers, scientists, vocational experts, construction experts, educators, psychologists, and other experts who wish to hone their skills as expert witnesses will find this program to be a most valuable experience.

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To register, select the date and location you would like to attend and click the "Register Online" button for our online event registration. Contact Member/Client Services at (800) 677-2009 for questions or registration assistance.

 Two-Day Live Classroom Schedule  
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  November 19–20, 2019 San Diego, CA Register Online Now 9/30/2019 10/31/2019

Courses generally begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 5:15 p.m.

This course is paperless.  Attendees will be provided a link to course material that will be used during the course, so attendees will need a laptop with Internet access.  The CTI will provide electric power and Internet access, but will not provide laptops.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own mobile wireless modem or hotspot device.

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Pricing (Before Early Registration Discount)


Two-Day Live Classroom (16 Hrs CPE) $1,300 $1,170