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Saving Taxes on a Disposition of a Business

 Saving Taxes on a Disposition of a Business
CPE Credit

Program Type: Recorded Webinar (Audio, PPT Presentation)
Program Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Previous training or research on subject matter being taught.
Advanced Preparation: The professional should have at least a mid-career level of understanding of mergers & acquisitions. The professional should have at least a mid-carerr level of understand of C corporation, S corporation, LLC/partnership, and trust taxation as well as estate taxation is key.
Delivery Method: Group Internet-Based
CPE Credits: One (1) Hour
Fields of Study: Accounting
Item Number: 15PEP1009
Shipping Weight: 0lbs. 0oz.
Price: $80.00
Program Description

When Dorothy opened the door to the Land of Oz, her world changed from black and white to color. This webinar opens the door to a new world of tax planning for business owners selling their companies -- it is a blending of M&A taxation with trust taxation. Using a trust structure with over 70 affirming private letter rulings, depending on each business owner's circumstances, tax on one's gain might be reduced by as much as 75 percent.

Learning Objectives

After completing this webinar, attendees will be able to:

- List key tools in business sale tax strategies
- Differentiate tax planning approaches for in-the-family successions and third-party sales
- Identify three key tax strategies for the seller of a business
- Identify owner timelines that are conducive to each strategy
- Identify exceptions to one IRC-imposed timeline
- Identify which organizational type (C corp, S corp, LLC/partnership) can use which strategy
- Identify when a C corp does not mean "tax death"
- Identify an escape hatch for an S corp
- Identify when the asset sale/stock sale dilemma is artificial

Who Should Attend

CEOs, CFOs, and in-house legal counsel, accountants, attorneys, valuation specialists, and other professionals who currently assists a business owner in the sale of a company


Todd C. Ganos, JD, LLM (Taxation), TEP
After long service as a United States Air Force officer, Mr. Ganos transitioned to family wealth services in 1992. He specializes in assisting lower-middle-market business owners reduce the tax burden on the sale of their companies. He assists very-high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth families structure their wealth (including international assets) to facilitate asset protection and tax minimization. Mr. Ganos holds a Doctor of Business Administration in Finance, a Juris Doctor degree, and an LLM degree in Taxation. He holds the Trust and Estate Practitioner designation. He is a contributor to Forbes online.