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Valuing Family Limited Partnerships Workshop 5-part Series

 Valuing Family Limited Partnerships Workshop 5-part Series
CPE Credit

Program Type: Recorded Webinar (Audio, PPT Presentation)
Program Level: Overview
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Delivery Method: Group-Internet-Based
CPE Credits: One (1) hour per webinar; Five (5) hours for all five webinars
Fields of Study: Accounting
Item Number: 17PBVFLPS01
Shipping Weight: 0lbs. 0oz.
Price: $520.00
Program Description

Requisite Training for Gift, Estate Tax, and Income Tax Engagements

This workshop will introduce attendees to current methodologies and resources relating to the valuation of Family Limited Partnerships (FLPs) and similarly organized asset-holding companies. The workshop will focus on engagements for gift and estate tax as well as income tax planning. Attendees will be introduced to the empirical data, statutes, and case law that will help them form a solid discount conclusion in their valuations.

How You Will Benefit
After completing this workshop, attendees will be able to:

- Recognize a well-written valuation report of an FLP (or similar estate planning entity)
- Identify the various tax code sections pertinent to these valuations
- Recognize data to support discounts found in these valuations

What You Will Cover

Part 1: Partnership Agreement and Analysis
- Introduction to common provisions contained in partnership and operating agreements
- Recognize the effect these provisions have on valuation discounts
- Identify the relevant Internal Revenue Code sections that aid in the analysis of such agreements

Part 2: FLP Case Law Overview

- Introduction to federal case law dealing with issues specific to the valuation of family limited partnerships and similarly situated holding companies
- Recognize appraiser qualifications and penalties, IRC §2036 and bad facts cases, time-travel in valuation, and valuation issues related to undivided interests in real property

Part 3: Empirical Data Overview
- Recognize the most common data sources utilized by appraisers in estimating discounts
- Interpret the Partnership Profiles Survey of Partnership Re-Sale Discounts as well as closed end mutual funds

Who Should Attend

Valuation analysts of all levels, estate and tax attorneys, and estate planners.


Peter Agrapides, MBA, CVA
Mr. Peter Agrapides is a principal with Western Valuation Advisors, where his practice focuses primarily on valuations for gift and estate tax reporting, litigation support, financial reporting, and buy-sell engagements. These engagements have ranged from the valuation of small, family owned businesses to companies with over $1 billion in revenue.

Mr. Agrapides has extensive knowledge of valuation related judicial case law. He produces a regular column in The Value Examiner®, a national professional development journal published bi-monthly by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts™ (NACVA®). Mr. Agrapides’ column highlights both federal and state-level court opinions. Mr. Agrapides also produces a monthly column that appears in NACVA’s QuickRead™ and KeyValueData’s Case Law Monitor. He is also a frequent lecturer on the subject of judicial perspectives and trends in the valuation profession.

Mr. Agrapides was elected to serve on NACVA’s Valuation Credentialing Board in 2010 and is a member of the Current Update in Valuationsinstructor team.

Mr. Agrapides was named NACVA’s Outstanding Member in November 2010.

Mr. Agrapides received his BA in economics from the University of Utah and MBA from the Gore School of Business at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mr. Agrapides holds the Certified Valuation Analyst® designation from NACVA.