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Using Damages Advocate for Economic Damages Calculation

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 Using Damages Advocate for Economic Damages Calculation
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Program Level: Overview
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Program Description

Discover a better way to calculate economic damages and quickly produce accurate and defendable economic damages reports with the Damages Advocate application suite, including Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, and Employment Law. The Damages Advocate applications provide an intuitive step-by-step data entry process, including built-in tables for calculating life expectancy, work-life expectancy, calculating salary and the value of household services, as well as medical and other expenses.

This webinar will demonstrate how the applications guide the user through the process of entering data, selecting calculation options, using jurisdiction-specific rules for calculations, and generating an economic-damages report. The bulk of the webinar will focus on the personal injury application and then note the differences in the other two applications.

Learning Objectives

After completing this webinar, attendees will be able to:

- Explain how the Damages Advocate applications assist them in organizing information about the plaintiff's economic losses and presenting findings in an attorney-friendly format
- Discover how Damages Advocate applications can provide them with either a complete economic damages solution or a back-up, reality check, and supplemental solution
- Generate master cases to store jurisdiction-specific cases that store interest rates, present value calculation techniques, and the use of tables as mandated in the different jurisdictions in which they practice
- Generate range-of-value damages findings as well as complex what-if scenarios in preparing reports using the Damages Advocate applications

Who Should Attend

CPAs and others whose practice includes estimating economic damages for personal injury, wrongful death and employment law cases.


George King, BA, JD
Mr. George King has worked on ValuSource Marketing since 2007, contributing to marketing strategy as well as the execution of e-mails, direct mail, advertising, and collateral development. Mr. King has worked extensively with the Damages Advocate product line, from the acquisition through testing and development of training materials.