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What You Need to Know About Asset Protection, Tax Reduction, and Estate Planning

 What You Need to Know About Asset Protection, Tax Reduction, and Estate Planning
CPE Credit

Program Type: Recorded Webinar (Audio, PPT)
Program Level: Overview
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparation: None
Delivery Method: Group Internet-Based
CPE Credits: Two (2) Hours
Fields of Study: Finance; Taxes
Item Number: 14PEP0929
Shipping Weight: 0lbs. 0oz.
Price: $110.00
Program Description

Learn the strategies and tools the nation's top law firms use to save their clients millions of dollars each year. This Webinar provides solutions to three major problems: lawsuits, taxes, and probate. From this Webinar you will learn how to make yourself unattractive to a plaintiff attorney so they will not pursue a lawsuit against you. In addition, this Webinar will offer five tax-reduction strategies often missed by professionals and their advisors as well as tools you can use to pass assets to your heirs tax free.

Learning Objectives

After completing this Webinar, attendees will be able to:

- Structure business for lawsuit protection and prevention
- Reduce liability insurance costs
- Minimize taxes
- Create a successful estate and business succession plan

Who Should Attend

Business owners, appraisers, business valuators


Cameron C. Taylor
Mr. Cameron C. Taylor is a best-selling author, highly sought-after speaker, and entrepreneur. Mr. Taylor has worked with the nation's top asset-protection law firms for more than a decade and currently serves as the president of the American Society for Asset Protection. He is the author of Protect Your Assets; Asset Protection Made Easy; Does Your Bag Have Holes?; Preserve, Protect, and Defend; and 8 Attributes of Great Achievers.

Mr. Taylor graduated with honors from business school and is the founder of several successful companies and charities. Mr. Taylor is a gifted teacher who has been invited to speak at hundreds of meetings with excellent reviews. Cameron's books and lectures have been endorsed by Ken Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager; Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; billionaire Jon Huntsman, Sr.; Rich DeVos, owner of the Orlando Magic; William Danko, PhD, co-author of The Millionaire Next Door; and many others.