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Ibbotson® SBBI® Classic Yearbook 2014 Edition

 Ibbotson® SBBI® Classic Yearbook 2014 Edition
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The SBBI® Classic Yearbook is one of the industry standard references for determining company risk and cost of capital. Express Business Valuation and Business Valuation Manager™ Pro can use SBBI® as the basis of calculating discount and capitalization rates.
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What will SBBI® Classic Yearbook do for you?

Starting in 2014, the SBBI® Valuation Edition Yearbook will no longer available and has been replaced with the Classic Yearbook. All of the income approaches to valuation in Express Business Valuation and Business Valuation Manager Pro can use SBBI® data to calculate capitalization and discount rates. You must use either the Duff & Phelps Valuation Handbook data or the SBBI® data in these build-up schedules.

NOTE: If you need the 10 a/b,w,x,y, or z decile data or the Industry Risk Premia, that data is now only available in the Valuation Handbook.

The SBBI® product consists of the Classic Yearbook. The book is complete with real world examples and useful graphs to illustrate the analyses, the SBBI® Classic Yearbook will help you make the most informed decisions in your cost of capital estimation. The Classic Yearbook also contains an easy-to-understand overview and comparison of the build-up method, CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model), Fama-French 3-factor model and DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) approach.

$93.00 SBBI Book Only

System Requirements and Compatibility:

Web-Based Product System Requirements & Compatibility

-Web browser (IE7+ or FireFox 3.5+)
-Microsoft® Excel or Excel-compatible spreadsheet, or Business Valuation Manager Pro, or Express Business Valuation.

Product System Requirements & Compatibility

This product is available in book form. Please see pricing above.