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FA/IM© (Forensic Accounting/Investigation Methodology©)—Annual Subscription

 FA/IM© (Forensic Accounting/Investigation Methodology©)—Annual Subscription
The FA/IM©'s foundation is a software-based, user-interactive process map containing context-sensitive embedded hyperlinks to numerous files that are instantly accessible to the user. FA/IM©'s contents cover virtually all practice areas likely to be encountered by CPAs, non-CPAs, analysts, et al. and individuals accessing the FA/IM© process map are armed immediately with usable and practical tools and techniques.

FA/IM© comprises a comprehensive "Body of Knowledge" that presently contains about 250-300 specific forensic accounting/financial forensics tools and techniques. The, FA/IM©'s process map is continually updated as current and new forensic tools and techniques are formalized.
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