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Sample Reports Library—Special Edition 2012

Sample Reports Library Special Edition: 2012

 Sample Reports Library—Special Edition 2012
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NACVA is launching the 2012 Special Edition of its Sample Reports Library. This volume of 31 reports, all written by credentialed valuators, has been reviewed numerous times through our Case Analysis Program and received significantly higher than average scores. All reports are searchable by Description, Purpose, Entity Type, Interest Valued, SIC, NAICS, Service Company, Keyword, and if it has received the Jeffrey Salins Award (overall exemplary report).

The reports have been sanitized, and any similarity between names of persons and/or companies is purely coincidental. Appendices which identify a company, owner, or valuator involved may be referenced but not found in these materials, as they have been omitted at the request of the author.

These reports are provided for learning purposes only. NACVA does not endorse the reports as a template, nor are they intended to address valuation issues and/or questions. The reports provide perspective on particular types of valuation, ideas on ways to handle certain types of information, possible resources, sample wording, etc.

Valuators seeking specific answers to valuation questions are encouraged to contact NACVA and request a Mentor (minimal fee paid to Mentor). All reports hold a copyright and may not be quoted, referenced, copied by any means, or used in any meeting session without prior express written permission from NACVA. Any unauthorized use of these materials is considered a violation of ethics, reportable to the Ethics Oversight Board for resolution.

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