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Recertification assures that designees continue to enhance their knowledge and maintain a level of competence current with the progress of the industry.

NACVA’s recertification program follows a 60-point/60 CPE-hour system, whereby credentialed members must obtain 60 points to comply with recertification. One hour of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) equals one point. The point system allows for additional (Bonus) points for attendance to training (Recommended programs) that NACVA considers especially helpful for practitioners to stay well-rounded in the performance of their services, increase their awareness of recent industry developments, and be alert to issues that lead to, or contribute to, the quality of one’s work product. It also awards points for contributions to industry knowledge, and for significant experience, upon meeting certain criteria. By obtaining additional points, one can reduce the 60 hours CPE requirement to as low as 36 hours in a three-year cycle.

Please note that bonus points are not included with a CPE On-Demand Unlimited Subscription, but can be purchased by contacting NACVA. A set of 12 bonus points can be purchased for a $150 fee by completing a recommended CPE bonus point program course. You can receive two sets of bonus points for each recertification cycle.

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