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Pacesetter® Awards Program

Be a Pacesetter®! 



Effective January 1, 2012, NACVA/CTI implemented a new awards program similar to the American Express Membership Rewards® or Delta SkyMiles® programs entitled Pacesetter® Awards. For each dollar ($1.00) you spend with either NACVA, CTI, KeyValueData, or IBA (dues included) you will receive four (4) points, so for example, $250 spent will earn you 1,000 points. Earned, accumulated, and unexpired points may be applied/used towards purchases from NACVA, CTI, and IBA. Points, if not used, expire after two years. These can be used towards most purchases except for dues, subscriptions, and recertification fees.

Although Pacesetter® Points (Awards and Points used interchangeably) have no redeemable cash value, they carry an effective cash value when applied towards a purchase where 100 points equals $1.00 (one dollar). Thus, 2,000 points when applied/used would equate to $20 off your purchase. An example of how this might translate into more value for you: Assume in 2012 you paid your NACVA dues, attended our Dallas conference in June, purchased a couple of databases, took a two-day course at a CTI, and attended five webinars; by the end of the year you may have spent $4,000 with NACVA/CTI. Under our Pacesetter Awards program, you would earn 16,000 points that would have a cash equivalent value when applied towards, let’s say, our Annual Conference, equal to $160 off your conference registration fee.

The program is pretty straight forward. It is designed to reward members based on their level of activity supporting us by attending various events or purchasing products and services designed to help you in your endeavors and career aspirations.

The program will also be used to reward members for their non-financial support in special or immediate ways that might help the Association, much in the same way you’ve seen us use Credit Vouchers in the past. Most commonly, we have used Credit Vouchers to obtain timely responses to surveys. In the future look for these opportunities, particularly in the QuickRead, because they will offer a way for you to earn a lot of Pacesetter Points, without a financial outlay.

Restrictions on the use of points other than those cited above is: (1) they can only be used in increments of 1,000; (2) there will be items, where the amount of points that can be applied will be limited; (3) they are non-transferable; (4) they will accrue to the benefit of the person receiving services or products from NACVA/CTI. For instance, if your firm pays for you to attend one of our live training events, you, not the firm nor your manager/partner, will be the recipient of the points earned for your registration fee. NACVA reserves the right, however, to make changes to the Pacesetter Awards program if deemed necessary, at any time.

In the future, we plan to note “Accumulated and Unexpired Pacesetter Awards” on your dues invoices, and eventually on a variety of other administrative communications, but in the meantime, feel free to call NACVA/CTI Member Services to find out the status of your Pacesetter account; or alternatively, enter your NACVA Member Number and Password, to obtain your Pacesetter account status.


Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA
Chief Executive Officer