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Forensic Accounting

The Forensic Accounting Academy© (Academy) is the most all-inclusive training in forensic accounting available to date.  The intensive and hands-on, Academy provides a one-stop source of 300+ tools, techniques, methods, and methodologies applicable to virtually any large or small financial matter, whether civil, criminal, or dispute, and defines the financial forensics/forensic accounting profession: “The Art & Science of Investigating People & Money©.”

The Forensic Accounting Specialty Webinars are an in-depth series of how to apply forensic accounting techniques to various specialty areas. 

For the first time ever, take an inside look at the mind of the fraudster. The Behavioral Forensics Academy takes you there, along with a fascinating exploration of what makes people fall for their swindles. It will make you take a longer look when hiring new employees and know what behavioral red flags to look for in the workplace.