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Monday, April 30, 2018


Webinar Week | Build a Thriving Business Consulting Practice—The CoreValue® Bootcamp

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Start Date:  4/30/2018 12:00 PM
End Date:  5/4/2018 2:00 PM
Organization Name: Consultants' Training Institute
Contact: Consultants' Training Institute
   Phone: (800) 677-2009

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Build a Thriving Business Consulting Practice—The CoreValue® Bootcamp

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Help businesses get stronger and add value while building a successful consulting practice. 

Should You Attend This Workshop? 
Want to grow your existing consulting practice, or branch out and provide business consulting services—but you don’t know how? 

Then you need to attend the Build a Thriving Business Consulting Practice—The CoreValue® Bootcamp—the most comprehensive online and live bootcamp series ever!

It features CoreValue, the #1 Best-Selling Business Consulting Software System. There are FOUR main reasons to attend this bootcamp:

  1. Discover the BEST Methodology—developed at MIT. When starting or standardizing your consulting practice, you want the absolute BEST practices and methodology—so even your newest consultant produces accurate recommendations.
  2. See how to produce excellent RESULTS. Generate the MOST accurate assessment, the BEST reports, identify the MOST engagement opportunities, and show client ROI for your services.
  3. Find an easy and proven SYSTEM to get started fast. Includes a detailed discovery survey, a deep dive analysis (based on market comps), and a system to generate a master plan of action.
  4. Learn how you can MARKET your practice like a Pro. Includes templates, sample messaging, SEO, direct response, collateral, and numerous “lead machines” for workshops and more—everything needed to jump start your practice.

How You Will Benefit
After completing this workshop, attendees will be able to:
  • Analyze a business enterprise with easily obtained key metrics
  • Translate a detailed report which looks at 18 areas that drive value
  • Produce intelligent reports showing where to focus and prioritize energies growing company value
  • Diagram a multi-year consulting plan guaranteed to improve company value and ready the business to sell
  • Determine a value score benchmark which compares your client company to thousands of similar companies that have sold, giving weight to certain company-specific metrics. This benchmark is the key metric you will share with your client to show the progress of your ongoing value-building service.

What You Will Cover
Module 1: Discover Report—Your Lead Machine
  • Articulate the consulting opportunity
  • Explain the 18 value drivers
  • Explain why strong companies are valuable companies
  • Conduct a Discover assessment and generate a client report
  • Explain Methodology and be able to use it with prospects
  • Identify areas where clients can adopt operational best practices, creating growth and value
  • Summarize differences between formal standards-based value and operational value
  • Employ the Discover report to have a meaningful conversation with the client to explain potential business improvements—the basis for continuing services

Module 2: CoreValue Unlock—Deep-Dive Analysis and Executable Growth Plan
  • Explain the 18 value drivers in detail
  • Operate the Unlock software, conduct assessment, and generate a report
  • Identify where the company needs to focus time and resources to achieve results
  • Present areas where clients can generate up to ten times return on consulting
  • Prepare an Operational Value Report (a saleable work product)
  • Use the Unlock report to have a meaningful conversation with the client to explain potential business improvements—the basis for paid consulting services
  • Use Unlock as the basis for long-term consulting engagements

Modules 3 and 4: Unlock Case Studies—Manufacturing and Professional Services Company
  • Explain the assessment, analysis, and engagement process
  • Summarize key areas to consider in the owner’s perspective and priorities
  • Explore five of the 18 drivers and tasks to improve them
  • Be able to complete a client presentation on five drivers
  • Develop proposal for consulting services
  • Explain executable master growth plan
  • Build a long-term strategic plan based on results
  • Use the executable growth plan to deliver multi-year engagements
  • Develop a counsulting service value plan

Module 5: How to Create a Thriving Consulting Practice
  • Explain basic sales techniques
  • Understand the materials including scripts, e-mail templates, and marketing plan
  • Demonstrate presentation skills necessary to generate leads and sales
  • Create new consulting revenue goals
  • Understand how to create a scalable, uniform consulting practice, quickly, and at a price and resource level within reach
  • Establish a timeline and process to implement this program

Who Should Attend
The five-day webinar series is designed for CoreValue software users and for practitioners who are interested in starting or growing their business consulting practice. Suggested prerequisite is the CoreValue Orientation Video.

CPE Credit 
Program Level: Basic
Prerequisites: Previous training or research on subject matter being taught.
Advanced Preparation: None
Delivery Method: Group Internet-Based
CPE Credits: Two (2) Hours per day
Fields of Study: Computer Software & Applications

Five-day Webinar Series (10 Hrs CPE) 
Member: $648*; Non-Member: $720*

*After bundle discount applied

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Closed:   5/4/2018 2:15 PM

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