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Essential Member Benefits

Membership with NACVA includes so many benefits and services that it is a tall order for the Headquarters Staff, Governance Boards, and Editors to communicate it all. Fulfilling our mission to “provide resources to members and to enhance their status, credentials, and esteem in the field of performing valuations, financial forensics, and other related advisory services,” we want to call your attention to these Essential Member Benefits. Some, you may be aware of, others you may not, but we want you to know that we invest a significant amount of time and resources to serve you and the profession at large.
Essential Member Benefits
KeyValueData EconAssistEconAssist™ Subscription to KeyValueData®
This member benefit was introduced in 2015. EconAssist is the basic KeyValueData subscription level that includes industry and metropolitan reports, business valuation articles, federal and state case law summaries, nearly 600 past conference presentations, compensation data, S-1 filings, and Expert Witness Profiler. Log in with your e-mail address.
Learn more about the EconAssist member benefit.

Leading Industry Publications
NACVA is the publishing juggernaut in the business valuation and financial forensic profession. Membership includes free subscriptions to the leading industry publications, including historical archives, online access, and in some cases, CPE opportunity. Our publications include:

Sample Value Examiner Article
Click here to read a recent article written by Sarah von Helfenstein, CVA, titled, “Maintaining Perspective on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 H.R.1”. 
Community Not Cliques

"Because NACVA is a member-driven association, you decide how much to give the organization, but I can tell you, anything you give will be returned to you ten-fold. I have been very active and, as a result, I have had the ability to shape and impact our industry—something I would not necessarily have been able to do otherwise."
— Rebekah Smith, CPA, CVA, MAFF, CFF

Distinguishing NACVA from other professional valuation organizations are the great strides we take to get members involved. This serves two primary purposes: first, Association involvement is a way to help members build their reputations and credibility; second, NACVA’s founders realized that supporting an industry was bigger than they were, and the best way to rise to the challenge was to find and facilitate ways for members to help each other. This is accomplished through member-driven Boards, State ChaptersTraining Faculty, CorrespondentsRecognition Programs, and Support Groups. We encourage you to get involved.
Career Transforming Education—The Authority in Matters of Value 
No other professional association on our industry provides the wealth of educational resources like NACVA. Some form of training is offered nearly 250 days of the year ranging from live courses and workshops, live webinars and themed webinar weeks, an online library of nearly 500 recorded webinars, the monthly Around the Valuation World® webcast,not to mention our Annual Consultants’ Conference and Industry Specialty Conferences. Taught from a practitioner’s perspective and framed in judicial, legislative, and financial regulatory precedence, these programs deliver practical tools and techniques to bolster your skills and confidence.
Practice Building Resources 
Having tools at your fingertips to build and grow your practice are of equal importance to technical education and resources. First and foremost to mention is our Member Directory. Our headquarters staff refers dozens of your potential clients on a weekly basis to the Member Directory where they can search for experts by industry, city, state, or zip code. We also exhibit and advertise within the legal community, building awareness of the CVA and MAFF credentials, driving your potential clients to the Member Directory. We encourage you to complete your member profile listing and update it regularly. Here are a few other Practice Building Resources that will benefit you:

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