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Honoring Our Members—Second Quarter 2019

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Jonathan Jackson

Honoring Our Members

Jonathan Jackson
Executive Director, NACVA 

At our recent NACVA and the CTI’s Annual Consultants’ Conference held in Salt Lake City, UT, NACVA honored several of its members who have shown dedication and support to our organization. Many of these exceptional members volunteer their time on one of our boards, go the extra mile as an instructor of our courses, or have demonstrated strong leadership within their community or State Chapter.

Congratulations to the following newly elected board memberswho were elected by their peers to serve on one of our five boards. These boards are responsible for overseeing Association activity that has the greatest impact on members and the collective benefit of our organization.

Executive Advisory Board(EAB)

Standards Board(SDB)

Litigation Forensics Board

Valuation Credentialing Board

Ethics Oversight Board

The Instructor of the Year Award and Circle of Light Awardis given for outstanding performance in sharing knowledge, experience, and wisdom. These awards are one of the highest honors bestowed on individuals whose extraordinary dedication to excellence and willingness to share their knowledge, experience, and wisdom, as well as their outstanding performance as an instructor. It is with deep gratitude that we wish to show our appreciation to T.J. Liles-Tims and Peter Agrapides.

Instructor of the Year
TJ Liles-Tims 

Circle of Light
Peter Agrapides

Each year, NACVA honors Instructors that have received several positive reviews and who have achieved the highest evaluation scores from those attending their courses. We are pleased to recognize the following individuals for receiving the Instructor of Exceptional Distinction Award.


The Thomas R. Porter Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a deserving individual who has demonstrated passion for profession, family, and community. We wish to extend our congratulations to Howard Zandman for receiving this prestigious award. We honor Mr. Zandman for his numerous years in the financial litigation community. He has been a member of NACVA for 15 years and has 40 years in the forensic and general accounting industry. The Porter Lifetime Achievement Award is in honor of the late Thomas R. Porter, CPA, Esq., who left an outstanding record of service to the valuation and financial community.

Howard Zandman

The Outstanding Member Award recognizes the exceptional participation, through contributions of advice and wisdom, always extending a hand as a reliable source of support, and being dependable and responsive to the Association’s needs. The guidance and support of the following individuals has greatly helped the success of NACVA. 

Outstanding Member

We recognize excellence in leadership and superior achievement with our State Chapter Presidents by measuring community recognition, member networking, grass roots participation, and quality Continuing Professional Education. Through NACVA’s partnership with its State Chapters, we continue to rise in professional stature throughout communities across the nation. In gratitude for their support, we hereby bestow the State Chapter President Leadership Award upon the following individuals. 

State Chapter

Congratulations to the many individuals who have shown unwavering support to our organization. Your leadership has made a positive impact on our Association. Without the support of you and others like you, NACVA would not be where it is today.