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CEO's Message—Fourth Quarter 2018

NACVA Association News

CEO's Message—Why Membership in NACVA?

Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA
Chief Executive Officer 

I hope you all had very nice holidays.  Mine was great, except I was plagued by a cold over New Years.

Heavy on my mind, as always at the beginning of each year, are NACVA’s vision, purpose, and goals.  Foremost on my mind is we want to be the perfect association for our members.  We strive constantly to do so and with that, continue to improve our service and support.  Our goal—we do not ever want you to have a reason to drop your membership, and more importantly, your designation, whether it be the Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) or Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF).  But despite our efforts and wishes, we do lose members.  The most common reason given is the “member is no longer involved in business valuations or financial litigation”.  When I hear this, I cringe, because even if you are not involved in those services but have an inkling of interest, or if you are still involved in any type of business consulting, NACVA offers an incredibly robust package of member benefits worth way more than an Affiliate membership fee which is only $165 per year.  You see, you only need to pay more in dues if you hold or are pursuing a certification.  Otherwise, for only $165 per year you receive 100% of the benefits this Association offers.  This includes:

  1. Subscription to KeyValueData EconAssist
  2. 10% discount on training and CPE programs
  3. Subscriptions to The Value Examiner (bi-monthly), QuickRead (weekly), Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting (tri-annual), Association News (quarterly)
  4. Within your EconAssist subscription, you receive numerous databases and benefits; a big benefit is free attendance to NACVA’s monthly webcast entitled Around the Valuation World, which provides a summary of the latest developments in the valuation and financial forensics space.
To learn more and access your EconAssist benefits, visit  EconAssist will blow you away.  There is so much we do for our members, it is just too much to explain here.  That may be a problem in and of itself, which is you have to dig around on our website to see all of what is available for members.  A not commonly used shortcut to your digging is starting at NACVA’s Practice Support Headquarters (PSH) website.  It is designed with member’s needs and wishes in mind for navigation.  Then check out our Training because it is as robust as any organization ten-times our size.

For Certified members, who do pay more for membership fees, the benefits are enormous but in a very straight-forward way, i.e., no digging required.  The CVA is unquestionably the most widely recognized and revered business valuation credential in the world.  No other comes close in its number of designees, and no other has been subjected to the rigorous standards of integrity, objectivity, and scrutiny of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the accreditation body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.  The CVA designation having obtained the accreditation of the NCCA is comparable to climbing Mt. Everest in the world of credentials.  That is why only a few hundred credentials world-wide carry the NCCA accreditation.  It is a big deal and squarely puts the CVA on top.  Mark my words, none of the CVA’s competing credentials could ever achieve NCCA accreditation because they would likely crumble under NCCA scrutiny.  The CVA is on top, which is where it will stay.

Soon to follow, NACVA also intends to obtain for its CVA the accreditation awarded by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  This accreditation, too, is held by only a few hundred credentials world-wide.  Once we have obtained it, that will be the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest, K-2, and the Eiger in the world of credentials.  No other credential in the world will have achieved this feat of obtaining these two accreditations.
You might ask why are you doing this?  The answer is four-fold:

  1. Because we can
  2. To prove to the world the CVA credential is as solid as a rock
  3. To give our CVA members an extremely good reason to never drop their credential
  4. Because we strive for perfection and this is a check on our systems to make sure we stay there, now and into the future
After we obtain the ANSI accreditation for our CVA, we will begin moving down the same path for our MAFF credential.  A first step in that direction was to create the MAFF Body of Knowledge, which I told you in my second quarter CEO Message was on its way.  Well, it is completed and approved by both the Litigation Forensics Board and the Executive Advisory Board.  I think you will find it quite impressive; it can be viewed here.

Thank you all for your past support and best wishes for the new year.
Thank you,
Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA
Chief Executive Officer, NACVA