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CEO's Message—Third Quarter 2018

NACVA Association News

CEO's Message—Special Announcement

Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA
Chief Executive Officer 

NACVA has made some big changes recently—Pam Bailey, our Executive Director for the past 15 years, has retired, effective August 1st, 2018. She has been replaced by Jonathan Jackson who I will introduce shortly, but first, wish to pay proper tribute to Pam. 
Pam BaileyPam started working for NACVA in 1995 as my Executive Assistant (EA). NACVA was fledgling at the time and all I knew was I was in over my head and desperately needed help. Pam was exactly what the doctor ordered. I had never had an EA, so at first, I had no clue how to take advantage of this new-found resource. But Pam knew, having been the EA for the CEO of Mrs. Fields’ Cookies and for a senior partner of Price Waterhouse. She immediately took control—organizing my office, interfacing with staff on what types of matters should be channeled through her (which was pretty much everything) and explaining to me all the ways she can help, like managing my calendar, fielding many of the dozens of daily incoming phone calls, and taking notes in meetings. She also set me straight very early on when I left the office one day without informing her. When I came back, she kind-of balled me out saying, “How can I do my job if I don’t know where you are?  Everyone was asking for you; it doesn’t make me look good if all I can say is I don’t know and have no idea when he’ll be back.”  I never made that mistake again.
Pam and I were a team for many years. She made my job easier and unquestionably helped me get NACVA off the ground and on solid footing back when the only alternative was failure—and failure was not an option. We worked many late nights together with her often refusing to leave until either I did or I demanded she could go home. About 15 years ago I asked Pam what I could do to reward her for her tremendous service and she said she would like to be NACVA’s Executive Director. That was an easy decision because she knew the business inside and out, and she knew at least as many of the members and NACVA leadership as I did. She assumed that mantel with all her heart and soul. However, I lost my Executive Assistant, and though Pam supported me still, she had assumed many new responsibilities. I had to learn how to do some things myself, like e-mail. I had been spoiled (and frankly, still am with all the great support I get from my staff). It was all for the best and NACVA continued to flourish with Pam as our new Executive Director. She has played a vital role, participating in all the key decisions made over the years, and endearing herself to hundreds of members, many of whom came to call her a friend, like me.
Jonathan JacksonWe must move on and have replaced Pam with Jonathan Jackson who is highly qualified to be part of the NACVA HQ leadership team that will carry this organization well into the future. Jonathan brings with him a great education—BS in Economics from Utah State University and a Master in Business Administration from Brigham Young University. His experience is a perfect fit for our organization having started his career in Washington DC at the U.S. Department of Labor as Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff to Secretary Elaine L. Chao. From there, Jonathan went to work at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce who, as you all know, represents the interests of more than three million businesses and their local Chambers nationwide. He started there as Special Assistant to General James L. Jones, USMC (Ret.), and enjoyed traveling the globe and working on international initiatives with the former National Security Advisor and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO. Over seven years, he worked his way up to Senior Director over Environment, Technology, and Regulatory Affairs. His technology focus with the U.S. Chamber and desire to come back to Utah, brought him most recently to the employ of the Utah Technology Council where he served as its COO.
Jonathan brings to NACVA a wide range of skills and experience, including deep knowledge in technology, maneuvering through legislative channels, insight into the interests of small privately-owned business, strategic thinking and planning. We are already feeling his influence with his keen observations, relevant references to his own experiences, and clear desire to learn everything he can about our operations, vision, purpose, and most importantly, our members. On top of that, he has an easy demeanor that makes it impossible not to like him. Please join me in welcoming Jonathan to NACVA and congratulating him on his new role as Executive Director. His e-mail address is:
Thank you,
Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA
Chief Executive Officer, NACVA