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Your 2018 Plan for Success

Ultimate Membership Offer - First Month Free!

First Month Free!In 2016, NACVA rolled out with a new type of membership designed to facilitate members’ continued pursuit of professional development (PD) which we believe is a key ingredient for one’s success in any of the service areas our training supports, e.g., business valuation (BV), financial litigation, and financial forensics. We thought it critical to remove from the PD equation the heavy up-front cost of education so that this was not a barrier to a decision to improve one’s knowledge. Let’s face it, cost is always a factor.

How it Works
Thus, we came up with Ultimate Training and Membership (UTM) where for $335 per month for 12 months, members can attend/take as much training from NACVA’s Consultants’ Training Institute® (CTI®) as is desired. There are no limits to how much training you take and only very minor exceptions too irrelevant to get into here. The UTM fee also includes membership and recertification fees. And if you are a CPA, UTM allows you to obtain all of your required CPE for the year, typically 40 hours, for one low flat monthly fee.

Tax, Accounting/Auditing, Ethics Covered
In the beginning of the UTM program, we heard complaints from CPAs that they still needed to go elsewhere to get their State Licensing Board required tax, accounting/auditing, and/ or ethics CPE. So guess what we did—we partnered with Surgent CPE—probably the best known CPE provider for traditional tax, accounting/auditing, and ethics training in the CPA community. And through them, our UTM includes dozens of CPE on-demand courses allowing CPAs to stay current on all matters and comply with State rules for tax, accounting/ auditing, and/or ethics.

The Gold Standard for Knowledge
I am writing you now to encourage you to begin your PD planning for 2018 and beyond, and be ready-to-roll come this spring. It is well-known that for consultants interested in expanding their knowledgebase in BV, litigation consulting, expert witnessing, financial forensics, healthcare valuations, and mergers and acquisitions, NACVA’s CTI is the best place to find excellent training and the best instructors. We are not only the best, we are the most comprehensive, with live training being offered either online or face-to-face almost every week of the year, and over 700 on-demand courses accessible 24/7. What we offer is unparalleled.

Seize the Moment
Now is the right time to make a commitment to personal growth by obtaining the necessary and sufficient training to achieve your career aspirations, and do so at a low and easily managed monthly cost for all your CPE needs. Best of all, if you sign up for UTM by April 30, 2018, I will waive* your first month’s $335 fee. How about that!

To learn more and subscribe, call Member/Client Services at (800) 677-2009.

Thank you,
Parnell Black

Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA
Chief Executive Officer
March 2018

P.S. Ultimate Membership is also available for multi-users from the same firm/office. Details are available when you call. 

* The $335 waiver is for the first user of a one-year, single-user Ultimate Training and Membership subscription. One-year commitment required. Offer is not retroactive for prior purchases or renewals, and is valid through April 30, 2018. No other discounts apply.