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Employer Brand Study—Third Quarter 2017

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Employer Brand Study

The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts® joined with the Hinge Research Institute to release an all-new study for any professional services firm that is looking to attract and keep good employees: Employer Brand Study.

We surveyed employers and job seekers to understand the role that employer brand has in how professional services firms can address some of their top business challenges.  We looked at how professionals search for career opportunities, what they value in potential employers, and how a strong employer brand can set your firm apart.

Download the free study and learn all about today’s complex recruiting environment.  And, discover the best practices professional services firms use to attract and retain the people they need to thrive.

What You Will Learn:
  • What challenges are professional services firms faced with today?
  • What is employer branding?
  • What is marketing’s role in employer branding?
  • Where do employee-candidates search for opportunities?
  • What do candidates consider when evaluating opportunities?
  • What do candidates care most about?
  • How do firms evaluate candidates?

A strong employer brand can be an asset to recruiting and retention efforts, positioning employers to attract talented professionals that best fit their firm culture.  It bridges the gap between what employee-candidates really care about and what makes your firm truly different.