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CEO's Message—Third Quarter 2017

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A Valuable Resource Free to All Members 

Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA
Chief Executive Officer 

A Member Benefit You Won’t Believe (Worth Thousands)
To express our deep gratitude to our membership, in 2015 we implemented a new member benefit which all members receive for free.  That is an EconAssist subscription to KeyValueData® (bundle value of $695).  EconAssist is the basic KeyValueData subscription and is one of the five KeyValueData subscription levels—EconAssist, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium.  EconAssist is, in itself, an unbelievable service.  It includes the following databases:
  • Archived Industry & Metro Reports (1,000+ reports)
  • Federal & State Law Cases (2,000+ cases)
  • Conference Presentations (550+ presentations)
  • Compensation Data
  • S-1 Filings (60,000+ filings)
  • Expert Witness Profiler

Every few weeks, a different database will be profiled with a three to five minute video overview linked to the description below.  This month’s featured database is highlighted below:

The Archived Industry & Metro Reports is a compilation of every archived custom report ever produced by KeyValueData’s research staff, except those produced in the last six (6) months.  If you added up what valuators actually paid for all these custom research reports, it would total over $1,000,000.

The Federal & State Law Cases is our compilation of all the business valuation (BV) relevant cases and case digests going back 30 years.  This library is updated monthly with case summaries included and has always been available to members for a cost, but now it is free.  If you are paying for this service from other industry providers, save yourself $300–$500 a year because that is what they charge, and here, you have everything you need for BV case law research for free. 
Our Conference Presentations are a goldmine of cutting-edge insight, presented by the industry’s most revered leaders, covering the most important topics of the last 15 years.  The vast majority of these presentations/topics are still the focus of industry discussions today.  NACVA used to sell each year’s conference materials, but now, this library valued in excess of $10,000 is free to NACVA members. 
Our Compensation Data is hard-to-find data provided by the government.  What we have done is brought it together in one place to simplify your research.  Some providers of this type of data charge hundreds of dollars a year for a single user.  This service is free to NACVA members. 
S-1 Filings is a treasure-trove of industry information that is often overlooked by valuators because sifting through publically available SEC filings is a daunting task.  S-1 filings are required submissions for companies going public that address the industry’s economics, opportunities, and risks.  This is an incredibly reliable and rich source for your own research, providing threads to other sources and helping you to quickly become an expert on any industry.  KeyValueData is the only service I know of to make this tremendous resource available and easily searchable.  Its value cannot be ascertained because we have nothing to compare it to.  I do know hundreds of hours went into compiling it, and now it is free to NACVA members. 
Expert Witness Profiler (EWP) is a service that allows you to obtain Daubert relevant background information on any “expert.”  This service normally costs $45 each time you use it, but it is free to NACVA members.  Though the information you obtain is summary oriented, the reports are based on 40 sources that will point you in the right direction to dig up more meaningful insights on an expert you are up against.  This is a source you can use to educate and impress the attorneys you work with and provide them a winning-edge service.  If you wish, the provider of our EWP service, Daubert Tracker, LLC., will provide expanded and deeper research into the expert you want profiled for a fee.  But with EWP, you can also do this research yourself.
A Benefit That Keeps on Giving
The EconAssist subscription comes with many other perks like our Business Valuation articles library now with 5,000+ articles archived.  Plus, there is more—other services/sources we have pulled together to help you perform your valuation research.  Two other important databases that do require a fee but for which we have worked out a special arrangement for our members are: First Research Industry and State Profiles, and BizMiner Industry Financial Reports. 
First Research is a warehouse of up to date and historical industry studies (over 900 industries) and is the valuation industry’s primary source for this type of research required for every valuation engagement.  Each report costs $139, and an annual unlimited access subscription is only $1099, an absolute bargain.
BizMiner Industry / Metro Reports:  The report includes three year’s industry market research trends.  You can select any industry for the national or local U.S. market.  The report also contains a competitive advantage analysis, mapped intelligence, industry volume, average sales, and rank.  Each report costs $109.
How You Can Take Advantage
EconAssist through KeyValueData is something you must see to believe.  You should already have your KeyValueData log-in instructions, which are simply:
  • Log in to Member Portal with your e-mail address and password to access the EconAssist benefits and resources.
  • Under Membership Resources in the Member Portal click Free EconAssist Subscription.  
  • Call us if you need assistance.

I encourage you to check out your new EconAssist service.  This is free to all NACVA members whether you are an Academic, Associate, Government, Practitioner, Professional, or Student level member.  While you are there, take a close look at the other KeyValueData subscription levels, because they are even more incredible and at prices that will have you shaking your head and wondering—how do these guys do it? 

As a bonus, if you decide you want to upgrade your EconAssist subscription to a higher level—Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Titanium and do so by the end of December, 2017, I will give you $100 off your first year’s subscription.  If you already subscribe to one of these levels and upgrade to a higher level by the end of December, 2017, I will knock $100 off the incremental cost.  All KeyValueData yearly subscriptions are now available for a nominal monthly fee, meaning you can have access to a very robust package of relevant valuation data for as little as a few cents to a few dollars a day.  You need to check this out!

Thank you for everything you do to make this Association great.

Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA
Chief Executive Officer