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CBA-IBA Steering Committee (CBASC)

The CBA-IBA Steering Committee used to be the IBA Board of Governors (BOG) but changed to a committee in 2016 when the IBA was dissolved and its CBA/MCBA credential was merged into NACVA. This change was necessary to avoid confusion between the role this body serves in the Association relative to the roles served by NACVA’s elected boards; those being the: EAB, VCB, LFB, EOB, and SDB. The CBASC serves in many of the same capacities as it did as the BOG, with the primary purpose being to look to the needs of the CBA/MCBA community. Within that purpose, the CBASC can organize events such as webinars, coaching/case-study/topical related teleconferences, or breakfast/luncheons/dinners held at CTI conferences and training events. The CBASC can publish its own newsletter or special feature in NACVA’s renowned weekly QuickRead. They may convene as frequently as they deem appropriate. Ultimately, the CBASC has the charge to keep the CBA/MCBA credential at the forefront of the valuation profession by actively participating and/or presenting at industry events, serving on NACVA boards, or other committees and task forces, and continuing to put the CBA/MCBA forth as a preeminent and dominant industry force by creatively inserting itself and its CBA/MCBA constituents into the valuation community. The CBASC no longer has a role in the disposition of certain matters affecting CBA/MCBA, such as: recertification requirements, standards enforcement, and ethics violations. The CBASC reports to HQ.