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Business Development Committee (BDC)

Business Development Committee

What We Do
This innovative group explores ways to help our members grow their businesses and thrive! We pool together thoughts, ideas, and wish lists on how NACVA can better support its members. We focus on the evolving and changing needs of today’s business consultant and anticipate the needs of the future. This includes digital transformation, practice succession/continuation planning, adopting new technologies, staff development, client issues, marketing, outsourcing, value-added services, best practices, insurance, and anything else that impacts our members’ own business development.

This group may also be asked to evaluate NACVA products and services. Many initiatives coming from this Committee will be utilized to help NACVA build its offerings to its members and their firms.

Who We Are
We are building an innovation ecosystem that promotes intrapreneurship among NACVA members to accelerate the success of our membership and their businesses.

Whether you are here to solve a problem, or simply interested in getting involved, you will help us get there faster.

What We Offer
We unleash the innovative power of individuals through a network of successful practitioners, consultants, subject matter experts, advisors, and mentors. We foster peer interaction and collaboration, and provide resources and support.

What We Believe
We believe that while knowledge is the engine of innovation, connection and collaboration are the fuel. We believe that when you bring together the right mix of people, with shared intentions and similar values, remarkable things happen. We believe in providing the necessary support for innovation by connecting the right individuals and producing an opportunity for creative collision.

We believe in unlocking unrealized value that can greatly impact the success of our members and the entire industry.