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Practice/Business Development Committee (PDC)

The Practice/Business Development Committee was formed to pool together members’ thoughts, ideas, and wish lists on how NACVA can better support its members in all regards. Discussion should focus on the evolving and changing needs of today’s business consultant with a view to anticipating the needs of the future. The scope of the Committee is broad in that nothing is outside the realm of discussion. This includes practice succession/continuation planning support to our retiring or near retirement membership by devising plans and ways this can be effectuated by those in small or solo practices. Committee members can and should discuss needs pertaining to technology, staff development, client issues, marketing, reengineering, outsourcing, value-added services, time management, insurance, and anything else that impacts the Committee members’ own business development where possible solutions (even remote) may be found. The Committee may be asked to evaluate NACVA products (which sometimes includes beta testing), providing ideas and suggestions to NACVA HQ for improvement. Members need to be current on all NACVA products, services, support, and benefit programs, as well as those of other organizations in the community. Many HQ initiatives coming from Committee recommendations will be utilized to help NACVA build its service offerings to members and their firms. The PDC reports to HQ.