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Leadership Think Tank (LTT)

NACVA is a global leader in supporting the providers and users of business valuation and financial litigation services. It is the Think Tank’s strategic purpose and mission to keep NACVA on the cutting edge of thought leadership in these disciplines, and work with NACVA's Academic Committee to merge thinking between practitioners and academicians in the field of business valuation. The Think Tank will communicate with professionals within the industry and with the ultimate users of these services in such a way as to foster the thought leadership initiative.

NACVA has developed a Think Tank to identify ways to advance industry knowledge that enlightens practitioners of these services. This knowledge can be of a theoretical or practical nature, providing greater support and value to experienced practitioners.

Advanced knowledge can be acquired through research, professional dialogue, surveys, and analytical studies. The results of the Think Tank will be communicated in the form of industry reports, white papers, or in a series of articles or other EAB-approved communicative efforts. The information presented should be newsworthy and supplemented with other Board-approved communications to the press. The LTT reports to HQ and the EAB.

Beginning in 2016, the Leadership Think Tank (LTT) has taken on a new structure to expand and diversify its team, narrow its focus, and strengthen team participation and support.In doing so, the following changes have been implemented:

  1. Participation is open to our entire membership. You merely need to apply via letter or e-mail. The EAB, however, will prequalify applicants and establish the final composition of the team.
  2. The LTT will hold periodic one- to two-day face-to-face meetings where ideas will be explored, debated and defined with action steps outlined, assignments given, and deadlines established. At the meeting, a follow-up call schedule will be determined and set, and to which everyone will be committed.
  3. The LTT Chair will coordinate with and manage over team members in the execution of their assignments, but carry no actual assignments. The Chairperson will be selected by the team members, but must be approved by the EAB. 
  4. Projects will run in one-year cycles, meaning if a project is expected to take more than a year, it should be scaled back or parsed into smaller pieces.
  5. Each year the LTT will be reformed with a new solicitation to members. Existing team members may remain, but terms for participation will be limited to three years. The EAB has the option to extend a term up to three more years. 
  6. Due to the high cost associated with holding face-toface meetings, team members must pay for their own airfare, but NACVA will pay for lodging, meeting expenses, breakfast, lunch, and dinner while the meeting is in progress. 
  7. NACVA will recruit new members to the team in the fall/winter each year and hold our annual meeting in the second quarter of the following year.
  8. Two or more EAB members will be assigned as liaisons, participate in the face-to-face, and on periodic phone calls.