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CVA Exam and Grading Committee/Team (EGCT)

The CVA Exam and Grading Committee/Team is a group open to NACVA members who are credentialed by NACVA with five or more years’ experience providing business valuation services. They, along with HQ, have the responsibility for reviewing and grading the business valuation Case Studies or demonstration reports submitted to HQ for peer review and assessing if candidates meet NACVA’s Experience Threshold prior to NACVA awarding its CVA designation. HQ administers the entire process and, when needed, qualified staff at HQ will also grade reports. The purpose of the EGCT is to maintain the integrity of grading for the peer review process and provide input to HQ and the VCB on ways to improve, modify, strengthen, streamline, validate, and monitor the process. The EGCT’s scope expands to include making recommendations on grading procedures, answer keys, and the quality of questions on a periodic basis. Its members also have the charge to help contribute and/or review questions and answers in NACVA’s Q&A database and assess exam content for proportional balance in addressing topics as provided for in NACVA’s Business Valuation Body of Knowledge. The Committee’s fundamental purpose is to provide added assurance our examination and grading processes are of the highest integrity. EGCT members receive a fee for their Case Study grading services. The EGCT reports to the VCB and HQ.