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Course Review Committee (CRC)

The Course Review Committee has the responsibility of reviewing NACVA’s substantial curriculum. Its members work under the direction of NACVA’s HQ oversight team to follow established criteria in evaluating curriculum content, completeness, accuracy, topical emphasis, formatting, and, where practical, observe the presentation to provide comment and feedback on the quality, flow, and cohesiveness of the presentation. The position is not compensated, but Reviewers receive free training materials and CPE credit upon request. Reviewers’ names are sometimes listed in the front of the course materials depending on the nature of the review.This can be added to the Reviewer’s curriculum vitae. The number of Committee members is not restricted as NACVA has many courses to review, will have multiple Reviewers review the same course, and will continue to add more courses in the future. Also, courses need to be re-reviewed as updates and rewrites occur. This review will assure our curriculum reflects current theory, practice, and industry applications. The CRC reports to HQ.