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Litigation Forensics Board (LFB)—Third Quarter 2015

Mark FeltonLitigation Forensics Board (LFB)

by Mark A. Felton, CPA, CFE, MBA, MAFF, CVA

The LFB has the responsibility of evaluating the content of NACVA’s litigation and forensics-related curriculum to provide assurance that course content remains objective, technically and fundamentally sound, and presents information in a proper perspective guided by course objectives, credentialing requirements, time limitations, and other relevant factors necessary for the creation and development of a well-rounded and substantive training program.
The LFB’s responsibilities are further expanded to oversee credentialing criteria, both pre- and post-requisite, for NACVA’s Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF®) designation.  This includes testing and grading procedures, experience requirements, reciprocity and recognition programs, quality and/or peer review, and recertification.
The LFB consists of the following members:

  • Marc Bello, Massachusetts
  • Mark A. Felton, Minnesota (chair)
  • Mellissa Bragg, Missouri
  • Michael Kaplan, California (advisor)
  • Lyn Reagan, Georgia
  • Shannon Rusnak, Texas
  • Matt Stelzman, Tennessee
  • Suzanne Trimble, Alaska
  • James Werner, Kentucky
  • NLCR Managing Editor (P. Dermot O’Neill)
  • NACVA HQ Liaison (Dave Maughan)
  • Executive Advisory Board Liaison (Richard Wise) 

Many NACVA HQ personnel provide key leadership and support to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the LFB’s mission and initiatives.  These key leaders and contributors are: Parnell Black, Brien K. Jones, Pam Bailey, Diana Ridgeway, and Abby Hulick.

In addition to ensuring NACVA’s litigation and forensics curriculums are technically and fundamentally sound and relevant, LFB members are tasked with sourcing and/or writing at least three articles per year for the National Litigation Consultants’ Review(NLCR).  The NLCR is the oldest periodical specifically published for consulting and testifying financial experts; and is classified as a peer-reviewed publication.

The NLCR includes feature articles offering practical analysis of contemporary issues; frank discussions and insights into how financial issues should be presented and defended in the courtroom.  It also offers practical “how to” information on using technical tools and web resources; independent, objective reviews of new litigation and business valuation publications and software; and analysis of efficiency tools, management ideas, and marketing tips specifically directed to the litigation support and financial issues practitioner.

The NLCR is an on-line publication and is provided to NACVA’s members and any judge or bar association member requesting a complimentary subscription to NLCR.

NLCR History:
In the late 1970s, Mr. Jeff Salinas, a New Orleans attorney, saw the need to train financial consulting and testifying experts.  Mr. Salinas developed and presented seminars to train financial experts in the arts of report writing, testifying, and presenting.  As part of his commitment to educating financial experts, Mr. Salinas created and published the NLCR.

When Mr. Salinas retired, Harcourt Brace assumed the publication of the NLCR.  Title transferred to Jim Atkins before NACVA purchased it in December 31, 2009.  Since that time, the NLCR has become a peer-reviewed publication and is listed in Cabell's Directory as an academic newsletter.

To be listed in Cabell’s Directory is a significant achievement that is highly sought after by publications.

This significant achievement is credited to NLCR’s current managing editor, P. Dermot O’Neill.  Some who have served or currently serve on NCLR’s Editorial Advisory Board include Nancy Fannon, the late Tom Porter, Lari Maston, Paul French, Howard Zandman, Rebekah Smith, Jim Lurie, Darrell Dorrell, Michael Kaplan, Michael Molder, Mark Warshavsky, Charled Lunden, Karen Fortune, Ricardo Zayas, and Megan Salehli.

Non-LFB members can write or source articles for the NLCR.  Please contact P. Dermot O’Neill if you have such an interest.  His e-mail is:

In closing, the LFB is working on several projects that could significantly and positively impact MAFF credential holders in ways that will be announced by NACVA at the appropriate time.  Stay tuned.