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Recertification Update—Second Quarter 2015

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NACVA Recertification Requirements—Flexible and Easy to Complete, New Recommended Programs

by Rebecca Davies, Recertification Manager

For those members who need to recertify by December 31, 2015, the NACVA Recertification requirements have been updated and improved.  I am very pleased to be the “go-to” person here at NACVA HQ to help you breeze through the process.

The changes that we have made to our Recertification program have made it more simple, convenient, and flexible than ever.  We now require each member who holds the Certified Valuation Analyst® (CVA®), the Accredited in Business Appraisal Review™ (ABAR™), or the Master Analyst in Financial Forensics™ (MAFF®) credential to report 60 continuing professional education (CPE) hours/60 points every three years.  Whether you prefer to use 60 hours of CPE from any organization supporting business valuation, fraud, litigation, etc. or take advantage of our recommended programs which would offset some of those hours, the choice is now yours.

NACVA currently offers seven programs it considers helpful and beneficial to all valuators.  When you participate in any of these recommended programs, you will receive bonus points that will offset the hours that you will need to meet your required 60 points.  Taking our recommended programs will also offset the recertification fee, in part or in full. None of these programs are required to complete your recertification, only highly recommended for the great benefits they offer.

We’ve added new courses to our recommended programs list:

  • Litigation Report Writing Workshop—this course is especially beneficial for those who hold the MAFF credential
  • Around the Valuation World® Webzinekeep current in valuation and financial forensic  issues on a monthly basis
  • Case Analysis by Webinar (CAW)—previously known as Case Analysis by Phone (CAP) is now NASBA compliant

For more in-depth information about the new recertification program, click here to view the NACVA Recertification Reporting Form and Supplement, or you can contact me directly at or (800) 677-2009 ext. 233. I’d love to help you construct your recertification plan.