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Past Issues: Executive Advisory Board Update—First Quarter 2015

NACVA Association News

By Rob Stutz, MBA, CVA, ASA, CM&AA
Chair, Executive Advisory Board

The members of the current Executive Advisory Board (EAB) wish to thank you for your continued support of NACVA, and we look forward to serving our organization in a proactive way during 2015. In a time when transparency from leadership is valued more than ever, I want to share with you what the current EAB is working on and how we provide value to the organization.

Our role with NACVA is to support headquarters as they navigate our rapidly changing industry. This support comes in several fashions, including face-to-face meetings, monthly and impromptu conference calls, and hours of e-mail dialogue. I am pleased to tell you that this year’s EAB and NACVA headquarters are interacting extremely well, and much is being accomplished.

In mid-2014, the current EAB met for its annual face-to-face meeting in Salt Lake City. After two full days of intense discussions, we emerged with a set of ten specific goals that NACVA headquarters aims to accomplish. From that point on, we as a board have been providing support for these goals, and on monthly conference calls, we get updates on the progress of each goal. Having been a member of NACVA for over 12 years, I would like to tell you that I am proud and excited for the future of this wonderful organization.

I’d like to share just a few of the exciting goals that we are currently working on.

First, NACVA education is now being offered at the undergraduate level in several colleges around the country. This has been an ongoing goal of the organization that can have lasting effects on our profession. As this goal progresses, employers will likely be able to recruit through NACVA and hire knowledgeable, credentialed analysts directly from college.

Second, as we continue to grow nationally and internationally, headquarters has been working hard to create a stronger member support system that will help onboard new members and acclimate them with NACVA. We have such strong camaraderie here at NACVA, and we want to share that. In addition, look for a new website aimed at member support in the near future.

Finally, as NACVA has grown and years have passed, the organization has built a rich history. Some of the individuals who have helped create this wonderful organization are moving on to new careers or even approaching retirement. We recognize their contributions, and we want to honor and pass on the many stories, lessons, and experiences to our newer members. Headquarters has designed a young/new member network that will schedule times at upcoming events to allow and promote interaction between our NACVA generations and ensure that our organization is strong and thriving for years to come.

These are only three of the ten goals that we at the EAB are working hand-in-hand with headquarters to accomplish. I assure you that the other seven are equally as valuable. Whether it is to provide advice based on career experience or recruit help on a larger project, the EAB is working with headquarters to propel NACVA forward. As chair, my job is to ensure that we interact efficiently and regularly.

I am proud to tell you that we are, and that NACVA will thrive going forward as a result of this interaction. I strongly encourage you to get involved with NACVA by joining a committee or state chapter. Our industry is growing, we are growing as an organization, and we want you to grow with us.