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2018 Big Issues Conference—Second Quarter 2018

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Top 20 Big Issues Impacting Business Valuation and Financial Litigation
Brien K. Jones
Chief Operations Officer and Executive Vice President 

Why wait until later this year to get information, updates, and tools you need now?

NACVA and the CTI's Annual Consultants' Conference, June 20–22, 2018 in Las Vegas—2018’s Big Issues Conference—is the first major financial consulting conference of the year.

Join us at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas or via live/online broadcasts. The profession’s leading financial valuation analysts will address 2018's Big Issues and arm you with technical knowledge, intellectual capital and practice building strategies like no other event in the profession.

2018’s Top 20 Big Issues
  1. Making the Break—Transitioning to Full-time Litigation and Valuation
  2. Future-Proof Your Marketing—Winning in a Changing World
  3. Building Your Authority through Online Marketing
  4. Business Valuation After the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  5. The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017—The Tax Act’s “Taxing” Effect on Family Law Negotiations and Settlements
  6. Industry Standards and Ethics
  7. WACC—Wacky or Necessary?
  8. Modeling and Discounting Damages—Ten Challenging Questions and Answers
  9. Opposing Experts without Standards—What to Expect and How to Challenge Them
  10. Build Your Authority—How to Shape Your Reputation, Grow Your Influence, and Get Better Clients
  11. The Advisor of the Future—10 Shifts to Transform Yourself in a Rapidly Changing Industry
  12. When Values Collide—Business vs. Real Estate Value
  13. How Two Valuation Experts Can Arrive at Different Conclusions
  14. Calculating the Business Interruption Claim
  15. Goes by Many Names But Never the Same—Valuing Businesses in the Cannabis Industry
  16. Trends in Medical Practice Valuations and Transitions
  17. Special Deals Demand Special Skills—Finding and Harvesting Value When in Crisis
  18. Expanding Services and Client Retention Using CoreValue
  19. FASB Update on Issues Impacting Business Valuation
  20. How to Properly Perform and Document a Fair Value Engagement
Register now! Join financial analysts from around the globe at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas or participate via the Live Online Broadcasts.

2018’s Big Issues Conference is the best and only financial consulting conference you should attend this year.

For details and to register visit or contact Member/Client Services at (800) 677-2009.