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CEO's Message—First Quarter 2016

NACVA Association News

 Foundations for a Successful Practice 

By Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA
Chief Executive Officer 

For 25 years I have done everything I can to help our members build and grow their valuation and financial forensic practices.  Proudly, I can say, I have seen many members rise to the pinnacle of success and I believe NACVA has played an important role in their success.  And I am pretty sure most would agree.  Early in our history, we realized that to help our members climb the ladder of success, as well as facilitate our own growth and support to them, a symbiotic relationship must be formed.  Thus, we created our Support Groups; first creating our committees and state chapters in 1995, followed by our advisory boards in 1996, and then our teams in 1997.

These bodies fueled our growth and expansion of services.  But just as importantly, they provided three ways for our members to accelerate their own growth giving them a path to:

  1. build a network of peer support through an Association sponsored activity;
  2. plug into the profession at a higher, more active and visible level which helped in personal professional development; and
  3. build one’s resume by referencing and boasting about Association activities and accomplishments supporting the discipline.

As some people have phrased it, “NACVA has made many people famous.”  Being the humble person I am, I will qualify that phrase by saying, “Yes, we have helped many people gain exposure by giving them opportunities to give back to the profession and in the process, build networks, reputations, and resumes.”  The hundreds of members I know who will attribute some, or even much, of their success to NACVA, have one thing in common—they got involved in the Association in some capacity. 

Action Required
The purpose of this CEO’s Message is to bring to your attention our newly updated Support Group Application with which you can submit/express your interest in getting involved in a variety of capacities.  Therein, I want to bring your specific attention to three new groups of great interest and of which I am very excited:

  1. Leadership Think Tank (LTT) Committee
  2. Legislative Action Committee (LAC)
  3. Pro-Bono Group (PBG)

Let me briefly explain each.
Leadership Think Tank Committee: The LTT represents one of the most exciting initiatives in our 25 years.  It is a place/forum where our Associations’ best minds can meet to discuss and hash-out new thought leadership for our profession.  All members are welcome to apply to be on the Committee, but your participation must be approved by the Executive Advisory Board (EAB).

Legislative Action Committee
: The LAC serves a purpose previously carried by the EAB who is spread too thin to address all the bases that fall under the legislative umbrella.  The essence of the LAC is to keep the Association one step ahead of the rules, regulations, standards, laws, and legislation that could, in some way, affect how our members practice and deliver their services.  In other words, we want to be in control of our own destiny.  The LAC is open to all members.

Pro-Bono Group: Many members are asked by attorneys if they will do pro-bono services in cases where clients are limited in funds or are in a distressed situation, and desperately need professional help.  State Bars throughout the country have a cadre of attorneys willing to devote part of their time to this type of community service, but in the valuation and financial forensics profession, there is little to nothing of organized pro-bono support.  We intend to change that with the formation of our Pro-Bono Group.  The PBG is open to all members with five or more years’ experience, but your participation must be approved by the PBG Management Committee who will be in charge of assigning cases as they are sent our way.  Less experienced members will be paired with more experienced members when/where needs dictate.  This is an elite, high-profile group of members who will be actively promoted by the Association, and it will be a great way to build one’s experience and reputation.

If you are like me, you are still in the 2016 planning mode.  That means you are putting the finishing touches on all the actions, activities, and initiatives you want to implement this year to build your practice and career.  I will tell you, unequivocally, getting involved in the Association will prove to be one of the most important steps you will ever take and there are many options from which to choose for this involvement.  Best of all, I know you’ll find your participation highly rewarding and even fun!  Our committees, groups, and teams do a lot of great things for the profession.  Many of my fondest memories and career highlights center around my involvement with one of our Support Groups.  I suspect I’m not alone in this regard, and that many members feel the same.
We at NACVA look forward to getting to know you better.  Click here for our Support Group Application.

Thank you.

Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA
Chief Executive Officer