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Blockchain—The basics, the applications, and the updates you need to know.

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Bitcoin, Bitcash, Ethereum, Litecoin, RavenCoin? Why are there so many cryptocurrencies? What IS a cryptocurrency? What is the blockchain? This webinar series is for you! You will learn about the blockchain technology and what cryptocurrency is but in your language—the language of financial services. Understanding and accepting this technology may be a critical piece of future business and if you can be amongst the first to know how to valuate in this arena, it could be like buying Bitcoin in 2016! (That could have made you wealthy, in case you did not know.)

How You Will Benefit
After completing this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Explain what blockchain is
  • Describe the components of blockchain
  • Use blockchain knowledge in your accounting business
  • Distinguish between public and private blockchains
  • Identify the characteristics of cryptocurrencies
  • Distinguish between a blockchain and a cryptocurrency
  • Explain how cryptocurrencies work
  • Identify how blockchain and cryptocurrencies changes the audit process
  • Determine the impact cryptocurrencies impact on taxes

What You Will Cover
Day 1: Introduction to Blockchain Technology

This is the technology you have heard so much about, but what exactly is blockchain? What are the components of this technology, what do those technical labels actually mean, and how does this apply to accounting professionals? Get the knowledge you need here.

Day 2: Public vs. Private Blockchains
There is a lot of chatter about blockchain technology in the market, but there is a lot more to blockchain than just one word. There are literally hundreds of options out there, but they can usually be lumped into two categories. Public versus private blockchains are the two largest categories of blockchains, but they are different. Learn about those differences in this session.

Day 3: Cryptocurrency 202
Cryptocurrencies are a hot topic that you and your clients have inevitably heard about, but what are some of the characteristics of these terms. How do they work, what are the core characteristics of these technology tools, what are the updates CPAs should know about? Get those questions answered here in this session.

Day 4: Blockchain and the Impact on Auditing
Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are already having an impact but what about the changes they will lead to in audit? These technology tools already are, and will continue to, change how the audit process functions and how auditors will interact with current and future clients. How this will happen is the focus of this session.

Day 5: Blockchain and the Impact on Taxes
Cryptocurrencies may have been a hot topic, but what are the implications that cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology will have on taxes? What do your clients need to know in terms of regulatory updates, and what do you and other practitioners need to know going forward?

Garrett Wagner, CPA, CITP
Dr. Sean Stein Smith, CPA, CMA, CGMA, CFE, PhD

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