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New York State Chapter

Chapter President: Ed Heben
Telephone: (914) 345-5888
Chapter President: Ed Pratesi
Telephone: (860) 519-5648

Event Contact: Roslyn DeCaprio, DeCaprio CPA & Associates, P.C., 500 East Main Street, Suite 334, Branford, CT 06405

Session Fees:  First Session: $85 Second: $45 (Attend both $110, including lunch)
Location: New Haven Middlesex Association of Realtors,125 Washington Avenue, North Haven, CT


Rod Burkert—Turn the Practice You Have Into the Practice You Want: 8:45 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
Is the practice you have the practice you want? Or have you been too busy to think about it? Do you have the time, money, and freedom you thought you would have when you started this work? Or have you settled for something less?   To design the practice you want, you need to turn your valuation skills inward! So, as a business valuation professional, what faults do you see in the client businesses you value, but not in the practice you run? What is missing?
Join Rod Burkert, CPA/ABV, CVA to discuss specific strategies you can use (not just to get noticed, but to stand out) to turn the practice you have into the practice you want. He’ll show you WHAT to do, WHY  to do it, and – during selected exercises - guide you WHILE YOU DO IT. Laptops are required.
Learning Objectives… to create a BVFLS practice you’ll love coming to and find success in, attendees will:
  • See how buyers of professional services find, evaluate, and select BVFLS experts.
  • Discover the importance of Authority, how to create it and how to grow it.
  • Learn how The Four Pillars of BVFLS Practice Development will attract/serve their ideal clients .
  • Participate in three profile-building exercises designed to attract attention, start conversations, and generate leads.
NACVA CASE ANALYSIS PROGRAM (CAP): 12:30 p.m.– 2:15 p.m.  

Recertification Bonus Point Option: With CAP, earn an additional 12 Bonus points towards your NACVA recertification; and reduce/eliminate recertification fees!

Registration and Payment information for courses is at the bottom of this page. To enroll in your selected courses, pay for bonus points, and receive the CAP Report to be used during this course, please visit the following link and click "Enroll Now.":

NACVA State Chapter Event Course Enrollment

September/October Registration Form
City/Zip____________________________        E-mail_____________________________________________
October 23, 2018:  ___Rod Burkert Seminar $85 | ___CAP $45 |  ___Both $110            
All registrations must include the registration fee. Fee Enclosed:  $______ Make check payable to:  CT Foundation Chapter of NACVA.
Mail with form to: Roslyn DeCaprio, DeCaprio CPA & Associates, P.C., 500 East Main Street, Suite 334, Branford, CT 06405