The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts supports the users of business valuation and financial litigation services, including damages determinations of all kinds, by training and certifying financial professionals in these disciplines.

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NACVA’s CVA and MAFF designations are the only valuation and financial forensic credentials accredited by the NCCA. The CVA designation is also accredited by the ANSI. Enhance your credibility within the business community and demonstrate competency to the courts.

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CTI’s Professional Education is framed from real-world application with judicial, legislative, and financial regulatory precedence, and delivers ready-to-use tools and techniques to take your career and practice to the next level.

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Our Association has over 7,000 members and certificants specializing in Business Valuation, Financial Litigation, Forensic Accounting, and many more. Visit our Online Directory to find NACVA Members and Certificants.

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Challenges: Is What It's All About

NACVA just wrapped up its 30th annual conference, celebrating 31 years serving the business valuation and financial forensic communities. Once again, from all reports, it was a resounding success. Three decades ago it was hard to imagine what we would look like today. We have faced many challenges along the way. One of our greatest challenges, as many of you might assume, was in 2020 when, due to COVID-19, our lives were turned upside-down. But the challenges of all kinds were there before and they continue today. There was a time in my life when I would say to myself, just give it five more years, things will smooth out, get easier, and I will have more time to travel, golf, take up a hobby, etc. Then five years later, I would say the same thing and five years after that, I would say it again. This has been going on for nearly 20 years, bringing me to the realization that I thrive on challenges and most of the time, bring them upon myself. Challenges keep me energized, youthful, my mind sharp, and they give me purpose. Let’s face it, life is a lot more exciting when every day is a challenge and to rise above, leads to a feeling of accomplishment. For me, pushing my limits is what it is all about. Certainly, great athletes understand this, as do industry titans, and as do the many great business leaders right here under the NACVA umbrella. I am proud to be in the presence of so many great people and honored to be the CEO of such an incredible organization.

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