Classifications of Membership

The Association has established the following classifications of individual membership.
Practitioner Membership is granted to those who have demonstrated through education, experience, and/or other criteria that they meet the qualifications to apply for the designation of Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), Accredited in Business Appraisal Review (ABAR), or Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF). Practitioner Membership carries with it all the rights, privileges, and benefits offered by the Association, and is required for those holding active designations.
Ultimate Membership is a new type of annual membership for Practitioner members of NACVA where, for one flat monthly fee, members can obtain unlimited CPE; dues and recertification fees are included. Unlimited membership can be expanded to include a Titanium subscription with KeyValueData® giving one access to over 20 databases vital in the performance of business valuations. It can be further expanded to include all of NACVA’s valuation, damages, and report writing software. Ultimate Membership gives members an uninhibited path to build and maintain a thriving practice with a precise budget where 100% of one’s business valuation needs are provided.
Professional Membership is extended to those individuals who may not qualify for or do not desire or intend to pursue certification. However, they recognize the value of membership and ideals of the Association and, as such, wish to show their support by joining. Professional members have the same rights, privileges, and benefits as Practitioner members. However, Professional members may not apply for certification and may not use the Association’s appellations.
Associate Membership is designed for individuals who fall into the category of Professional Membership (as described above) as well as the staff of our Practitioner and Professional members. Associate members receive the same benefits as Practitioner and Professional members (described above), except for the ability to become certified or receive hard copies of Association subscription publications. Associate Membership is open to anyone interested in the ideals of the Association and who wants to take advantage of discounts on training and numerous products and services. 
Academic Membership is offered to academicians employed full-time by a college or university and desirous of the services and privileges of Association membership. Academic members recognize the important contributions the Association is making in the valuation and financial forensic sciences and want to show their support through membership and contributions of intellectual capital. Academic members enjoy all Association benefits and can apply for any of NACVA’s certifications as long as they meet its requirements. 
Government Employee Membership is offered to individuals currently employed by a federal or state government agency and who may or may not be pursuing an accreditation. This level of membership carries with it all the rights, privileges, and benefits offered by the Association.
Student Membership is open to anyone who is enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university. This level of membership carries with it all the benefits of Associate Membership except for the ability to become certified by the Association. The term for which one can be a Student member is limited to four years.

Legal Professional Membership is granted to attorneys and others practicing in the field of law who, either frequently or on occasion, have needs in the areas of business valuation or financial damages.

All individuals who become members of NACVA must comply with NACVA’s Professional Standards, regardless of their certification status.

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Membership dues are non-refundable, may not be transferred, and cannot be pro-rated.