Effective Expert Witnessing Clinic

Co-Sponsored by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts® and the Financial Forensics Institute™

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This webinar series focuses on three critical aspects of expert witnessing— distinguishing between consulting and testifying experts, expert report preparation, and preparing for deposition and trial.

How You Will Benefit

After completing this bootcamp, attendees will be able to:

  • Differentiate between an engagement as a consulting expert and an engagement as a testifying expert
  • Identify report qualifications for court and appealing the trier of fact
  • Construct a plan for communicating your expert opinion for successful testimony

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What You Will Cover
Webinar Week 1: From Consulting to Testifying Expert: The Basics of a Successful Transition
Part 1—Consulting Expert vs. Testifying Expert
Part 2—Expert Discovery Starts with the Engagement Letter
Part 3—The Discovery Process: Deadlines and Other Limitations
Part 4—Working With Counsel Through the Discovery Process: Identifying and Obtaining the Pertinent Information
Part 5—The Discovery Process: Record Keeping by the Testifying Expert
  • Explain to a client what their duties will be under each engagement
  • Construct pre-discovery requests for production to assist counsel
  • Demonstrate how to go beyond discovery if brought into an assignment after discovery is closed
  • Plan the process of identification of relevant documents in consultation with the economic damages expert
  • Differentiate between the records required by the expert economist vs. records for other experts
  • Determine litigation documents needed in light of rules of civil procedure and penalties for destruction of documents

Webinar Week 2: The Testifying Expert’s Report
Part 1—Preparing an Expert Report and Being an Expert Witness
Part 2—Anticipating Daubert Challenges
Part 3—Anticipating Cross-Examination: Be Your Own Rebuttal Expert
Part 4—Painting with Numbers: Making the Expert Witness’s Expertise Shine Through
Part 5—Finalizing and Submitting Your Report
  • Describe the structure of the federal courts
  • Determine how to work with retaining counsel to defeat the motion to exclude
  • List the various bases under which counsel may bring a motion in limine to exclude an expert witness
  • Differentiate between motions brought pursuant to the Daubert matter and other bases for excluding an expert
  • Plan a response for when “your” rebuttal expert discovers issues in your report
  • Identify the parallels between presenting numerical information effectively, and writing or speaking articulately, and eloquently

Webinar Week 3: Deposition and Trial Testimony
Part 1—Who Wants to be an Expert? Expert Preparation for the Expert Deposition
Part 2—Report Reporte: Writing Effective Reports to Complement Anticipated Deposition Testimony
Part 3—Trial Preparation: Direct Examination
Part 4—Trial Preparation: Cross-Examination
Part 5—Testimony at Trial: What the Trier of Fact Expects from the Expert

  • Apply best practices for your testimony (better illustrating your background and credentials, use of authoritative materials, prior testimony, facts used/ not used, handling difficult questions, hypotheticals, etc.)
  • Analyze questioning techniques utilized by attorneys to trap you (the witness)
  • Illustrate the need to develop a pre-trial routine
  • Produce case themes that drive how the story is told
  • Compose an expert report that withstands cross-examination
  • Describe the most common complaints judges and jurors have with expert witnesses

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Who Should Attend

CPAs, litigation practitioners, and others interested in the litigation process, or who would like to improve their skills as an expert witness.

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To register, click the Webinar Week below or contact Member/Client Services at (800) 677-2009 or NACVA1@NACVA.com.
Webinar Week 1 (5 Hrs CPE) June 26–30, 2017    
Webinar Week 2 (8 Hrs CPE) August 28–September 1, 2017    
Webinar Week 3 (5 Hrs CPE) October 2–6, 2017    

Pricing (Before Early Registration Discount)


Five-day Webinar Series (see above for CPE hours) $720 $648