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Credentialing Resources

Online CVA Case Study Report Writing Clinic (included with BVTC registration)
The objective of this seven-part, live online webinar clinic is to provide CVA candidates with step-by-step instruction and mentoring to assist with the successful submission of the Case Study Report. 

  • Part One: What’s in Your Toolbox?
  • Part Two: Business Valuation Software and Databases
  • Part Three: By the Numbers
  • Part Four: Economic/Industry Information
  • Part Five: Valuation Approaches and Methods
  • Part Six: Author! Author!
  • Part Seven: Let’s Review
This instructor-led training follows each live Business Valuation Certification and Training Center (BVTC) and includes seven hours of continuing professional education (CPE) credits.  The webinars are discussion-based and provide a forum for candidates to ask questions and resolve challenges they may be facing in the completion of their report.  After completing this webinar, series candidates will be able to organize the information needed to produce a valuation report, select the most appropriate valuation approach/method based on the facts and circumstances of the engagement, and express their analyses and conclusions in a well-written valuation report.

Case Study Research Package (included with BVTC registration)
This package includes company information, cost of capital, industry data, national and regional economic data, and transaction data supporting candidates with critical research components that are needed to prepare and submit their Case Study Report.

60-Day Trial Subscription to KeyValueData® (included with BVTC registration)
The most essential resources every business valuator needs at their fingertips are conveniently packaged and delivered through KeyValueData.  Go to to learn more about subscription benefits.

60-Day Trial Subscription to Business Valuation Manager™ Pro (BVM Pro) and Business Valuation Report Writer™ (BVRW) (included with BVTC registration)
By greatly reducing the burden of creating and maintaining complex spreadsheets and written reports, BVM Pro and BVRW let you focus on the high-level thinking necessary for a thorough and accurate valuation.  They free you to apply your valuation expertise, giving you more time to focus on the crucial decisions of the engagement.  The software and report writer are compliant with industry standards.  They are also excellent tools for CVA candidates to use in order to successfully complete and submit their Case Study Report.  Trial subscription includes mentoring and technical support.

Exam Q&A Study Guide
A compilation of approximately 1,200 questions of the type found in the CVA proctored exam.  Questions are divided into nine topical categories, each with subcategories.  The answer key is provided so candidates can assess their preparedness for the exam and identify areas of concentration for further study.
Exam Q&A Study Guide—$395
SPECIAL OFFER—Included FREE with BVTC Package (domestic shipping included)