NACVA Committees

NACVA has seven Committees:

  • Annual Conference 
  • Course Review  
  • CVA Exam and Grading Team 
  • Leadership Think Tank  
  • Legislative Action  
  • Practice/Business Development  
  • State Chapters

The Committees offer one of the best opportunities for members to participate in the decision-making process and contribute to the development of the Association. Committee positions are reaffirmed annually or each time the Committee is called upon for its support. This reaffirmation allows members to come and go from the Committee as their time permits and keeps the Committee vital with a constant rotation of members offering varying levels of support. Members can sit on multiple Committees and with some of them, for as long as they wish. Committee participation can open up new financial opportunities for members, depending on level of involvement. Some Committees also offer opportunities to gain local or national recognition. Of the Committees listed, indicate your top preferences on the Application, but preferably no more than two because we do not want to over-tax your time. You will find more information on the Committees in the left-hand navigation links.

NACVA Committees
The information below outlines the General Parameters within which all Committees should operate, followed by descriptions of each Committee’s Role and Purpose.

  1. The number of Committee members may be limited by the EAB if, in its opinion, the Committee size needs to be restricted to help it function more efficiently.
  2. HQ will assign Committee Chairs.
  3. Each Committee will receive at least one assignment per year either from HQ or the Board to which they report (Overseeing Board).
  4. A liaison from HQ and/or the Committee’s Overseeing Board will be assigned each year to help facilitate Committee activity.
  5. Committee Chairs, assignments, and liaisons will be communicated from HQ each year to all Committee members.
  6. Committee rosters will be updated annually and forwarded to Committee Chairs.
  7. Committee Chairs will have the responsibility to initiate and coordinate periodic phone conferences with members as deemed necessary to accomplish assignments for the year or given a period of time in which assignments need to be completed.
  8. HQ will set up and pay for the phone conferences. Committee Chairs need to coordinate these meetings through HQ. A contact person from HQ is assigned to each Committee. The contact person will schedule the conference call with NACVA’s conferencing center; however, the Committee Chairs are responsible for sending documentation to members, i.e., date and time, agenda, minutes from previous meeting, other support materials, etc.
  9. Committee participation is voluntary and unpaid. Members may note their participation on their curriculum vitae (CV) and will, from time to time, receive special acknowledgement in the Association News.
  10. Committee decisions, recommendations, and initiatives can be made by a majority of those present at a meeting. Quorums are not applicable. NACVA’s goal with the Committees is to elicit constructive, well thought out, deliberated ideas and suggestions from the membership. The Committee structure provides an avenue in which this type of input is possible.