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The Intermediate Business Valuation Training Center (Intermediate BVTC) is designed to expand on theories and methods taught in the Business Valuation Certification and Training Center. This program provides practical skills, covering all aspects of a typical engagement—from engagement acceptance through report delivery—and provides in-depth coverage of the latest theories as they relate to:

  • Valuation approaches
  • Reconciliation of values
  • Discounts and premiums
  • Practice management 

The Intermediate BVTC benefits both newly-credentialed valuators, as well as seasoned practitioners, looking to bolster their skills and efficiencies. All practitioners will come away with the skills required to both create and maintain a thriving valuation practice.

How You Will Benefit

After completing this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Communicate to their client the type and level of service required by the particular engagement
  • Manage the business valuation engagement from Engagement Letter through report delivery
  • Recognize all theories and reference materials as they relate to the business valuation process
  • List practice management best practices to be as efficient as possible

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What You Will Cover
Day 1: Deeper Dive into the Income, Market, and Asset Approaches
  • Apply the historical, supply side, and recommend risk rates
  • Describe better methods for estimating company specific risks
  • Describe the nuances of the competing Beta models
  • Discuss the key S Corporation valuation models
  • Compute the proper value for mid-year valuations dates
  • Verbalize the nuances of the various market databases, including: BIZCOMPS®, Prats Stats, and IBA
  • Apply the Market Approach to achieve more consistent results

Day 2: The Asset Approach, Reconciliation of Methods, and a Deeper Dive into Discounts and Premiums
  • Apply the nuances of the Asset Approach
  • Calculate deferred tax liabilities and built-in capital gains
  • Describe how to reconcile the three approaches to value
  • Describe how to apply put options and closed-end fund analysis to discounts for lack of control
  • Discuss how to use restricted stock studies, pre-IPO studies, and other methodologies to discounts for lack of marketability
  • Use the IRS job aid to help your analysis for lack of marketability
  • Discuss key court cases, their findings, and apply them to your discount analysis

Day 3: Practice Management and Intermediate Issues
  • Describe when to prepare a calculation engagement vs. a conclusion engagement
  • List the key elements of good valuation report writing
  • Describe top file management methods for keeping your valuation engagement files in order
  • Communicate your valuation progress and results to your client
  • List the pros and cons of valuation software

Who Should Attend

Recent attendees of the Business Valuation Certification and Training Center, valuators who have obtained their valuation certification (CVA, CBA, ABV, ASA, etc.) in the last three years, and those who perform less than five valuations per year interested in advancing their valuation skills and developing new business opportunities.

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Intermediate Business Valuation Training Center Faculty

To register, click the date or loacation below or contact Member/Client Services at (800) 677-2009 or
  Early Registration Discounts and Deadlines
Dates Location 10% 5%
October 31–November 2, 2017 New Orleans, LA 8/31/2017 9/30/2017
December 12–14, 2017 San Diego, CA 10/31/2017 11/30/2017

This course is paperless.  Attendees will be provided a link to course material that will be used during the course, so attendees will need a laptop with Internet access.  The CTI will provide electric power and Internet access, but will not provide laptops.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their own mobile wireless modem or hotspot device.

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Pricing (Before Early Registration Discount) Non-Member Member
Three-day Course (24 Hrs CPE) $1,800 $1,620
CPE Hours
Delivery Method Group-Live
Program Level Intermediate
Advanced Preparation None
Prerequisites Previous training or research on subject matter being taught. 
Total CPE Hours   24

For more information regarding CPE, Program Levels and Fields of Study please click here.             

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Intermediate Business Valuation Training Center Webinar

Part 1: May 22–26, 2017
Part 2: June 19–23, 2017

Pricing (Before Early Registration Discount) Non-Member Member
Ten-day Webinar Series (20 Hrs CPE) $1,800 $1,620
10% Early Registration Discount Available, for more information visit our Online Learning page.

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