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Financial Litigation

Demand for Financial Litigation Services Set to Soar 
Due to increased regulation and regulatory enforcement, an increasing number of financial crimes, and a record number of bankruptcies and corporate restructurings, the demand for financial litigation and forensic accounting services is set to soar.  To help CPAs and other financial service professionals obtain the necessary training, certification, and credibility so they can grow and thrive in these areas, the  National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts® (NACVA®) and the Consultants’ Training Institute® (CTI®) offer specialized certification and training programs, and the Master Analyst in Financial Forensics® (MAFF®) credential. 

Unlike most financial litigation training that tends to be general in scope, the Financial Litigation Consulting Professionals Workshop provides attendees with an understanding of the professional responsibilities and legal underpinnings necessary to providing credible financial forensics services along with an overview of the highest growth areas of financial forensics practice.  The nationally recognized and seasoned financial forensic experts who teach the program also dive into the methodologies and approaches for calculating damages, financial investigative and forensic accounting techniques, skills development for communicating with judges, attorneys, and juries, and practice building strategies that are being employed by successful and emerging financial forensic analysts.
The online Financial Litigation Specialty Webinars offered in seven specialty tracks define both the legal and professional environments today in order to introduce relevant precedents, case law, and professional standards.
  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
  • Commercial Damages and Lost Profits
  • Matrimonial Litigation
  • Bankruptcy, Insolvency, and Restructuring
  • Business Valuation in Litigation
  • Business and Intellectual Property Damages
  • Fraud Risk Management
The CTI also offers practitioners several expert witness skills development workshops, including the Expert Witness Bootcamp and Matrimonial Expert Witness Bootcamp, applicable to expert witness from all walks, as well as attorneys.  The CTI also offers the Litigation Report Writing Workshop to help practitioners raise the bar and learn effective approaches to writing an expert damages report for use in a litigation matter.