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Valuation Credentialing Board (VCB)

The VCB has direct decision-making responsibility over the CVA certification criteria including: test development and maintenance; testing, scoring, and grading procedures; eligibility and Experience Requirement; CPE reporting; CPE requirements; and recertification. The VCB has the authority to review the administrative procedures at NACVA HQ over the testing and recertification processes. VCB directives in these regards are made to the Executive Director. If the Executive Director does not comply, the VCB has the authority to take the matter to a higher level; that being the CEO or Board of Directors. The VCB, at its discretion, may evaluate other organizations’ testing processes, study and evaluate new technology and approaches to testing methodologies in order to maintain the highest quality standards in NACVA’s certification process. The VCB has no direct responsibility for education. The VCB does not have the authority to create a new credential. The VCB is responsible to uphold the mission of the valuation certification program.valuation certification program.

Valuation Credentialing Board
2017 Valuation Credentialing Board