Recertification Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Where can I obtain a copy of the Recertification Reporting Form for the CVA, ABAR, and MAFF Designations:
    • Go to, click on “Certification,” then “Recertification”, then click on CVA, ABAR, and MAFF Recertification Reporting Form.
  2. What is my member/customer number? 
    • The number is located on the upper right corner of your dues invoice; or
    • Contact Member/Client Services at (800) 677-2009 (you must provide identification of some kind).
  3. What year was I certified? 
    • The date is printed in the center at the bottom of your certificate; and/or
    • Contact Member/Client Services at (800) 677-2009 (you must provide identification of some kind).
  4. What is my recertification reporting period? 
    • All certified members must attest to CPE requirements every three years. If you certified June 27, 2012, you would be due December 31, 2015. Your second cycle would be due December 31, 2018 and so on (every three years). 
  5. I am a NACVA Board Member/State Chapter President/NACVA Instructor; do I need to recertify every three years? 
    • Yes. All credentialed members, regardless of title, are required to recertify every three years.
  6. How do I know all the courses I’ve taken through NACVA?
    • You can visit and login to view ‘My Credentials and CPE Hours’ or we can e-mail you a list of the courses you have taken through NACVA. Contact Member/Client Services at (800) 677-2009. 
  7. Can the Reporting Form be e-mailed? Do I need to send a hardcopy as well? 
    • The form can be e-mailed, faxed, or mailed. We strongly advise you to keep a copy for your records. You do not need to send a hard copy as well.
  8. Am I required to complete the Recertification Reporting Form?
    • If you are submitting CPE hours from organizations other than NACVA, or need to pay the recertification fee, you can list those courses and any payment information on the Reporting Form. If all of your CPE hours are from courses you have taken through NACVA, we will recertify you as soon as you have met the CPE requirements and paid the recertification fee, if applicable.
  9. I have additional Non-NACVA hours of CPE. Which of these hours qualify?
    • Acceptable hours of Non-NACVA CPE will be related to maintaining the integrity of your NACVA designation. A few examples of acceptable hours of CPE are Business Valuation, Litigation, Financial Forensics, Mergers and Acquisitions, Ethics, Fraud, Transfer pricing, or Economics. You can list these hours on the Recertification Reporting Form. 
  10. How do I report CPE hours taken through other organizations? Do I need to submit back-up documentation for the CPE hours I am reporting?
    • Write the name of the course, the sponsor, the date attended, and the number of hours of CPE received in the space provided on Page 1 of the Reporting Form, or attach a separate list or spreadsheet. You do not need to submit back up documentation for these courses.
  11. How many hours of CPE and points do I receive for taking NACVA Recommended courses?
    • If you attend a NACVA Recommended course, you will receive the CPE hours listed for the course, plus 12 bonus points. The CPE hours for each course are stated on the NACVA website with each course description.
  12. How do I receive points for authorship, course development, or instructing?
    • Simply check the applicable box on the Recertification Reporting Form which is your attestation to your contribution to the intellectual capital of the industry during your reporting cycle. You do not need a Letter of Determination.  
  13. How do I determine if I owe a fee? I’m not certain of the total due. 
    • The recertification fee is $300; however, by taking any of the seven recommended programs (CAP, CUV, Report WritingLitigation Report Writing, Industry Standards Update webinar, the Around the Valuation World Webcast, or the ABAR™ Workshop) your fee could be offset by $150 per course and your total could be $0. 
  14. Can I take the same recommended program(s) more than once within my reporting period?
    • Yes, but you may only receive bonus points and offset of the recertification fee one time per each three-year reporting period. You will still receive CPE credit/points for taking the same course, however, you would not qualify for additional bonus points or fee discount. 
  15. I don’t understand the difference between CPE, points, and bonus points; can you clarify this for me?
    • CPE hours, points, and bonus points are all separate entities. Each hour of CPE you earn equals the same number of points (i.e., 17 hours of CPE = 17 points). Bonus points, however, are awarded when you attend one of our seven recommended programs (CAP, CUV, Report WritingLitigation Report Writing, Industry Standards Update webinar, the Around the Valuation World Webcast, or the ABAR™ Workshop) i.e., CUV = 8 hours CPE/ 8 points + 12 bonus points for a total of 20 points. Recommended programs can be used to offset the $300 Recertification Fee Determination. For any of the recommended courses you attend, you receive an additional 12 bonus points toward your total point accumulation and a $150 credit that is then deducted from the Fee Determination. 
  16. Can I complete recertification if I have over 60 points?
    • Yes, if you also have 36 hours of CPE. 
    • If you don’t have 36 hours of CPE, then recertification is incomplete. 
    • If you have 60 hours of CPE, you simply owe the $300 recertification fee. 
  17. Why aren’t bonus points given for other programs that are similar to NACVA recommended programs?
    • This is to encourage members to attend the NACVA-sponsored programs that we believe are of the highest quality training and provide the information we feel is imperative for members to know. Recommended programs are determined by the Valuation Credentialing Board.
  18. If I’m just a regular member recertifying, do I have to pay the Reactivation Fee?
    • No. This fee is only for members who have not been using their credential, are on “Inactive Status,” have not maintained their membership with NACVA, and wish to re-activate their credential.